black and white theda ???

  1. I saw the cutest theda in the airport, it was black and white and it was monogram mini. is it an existing bag, or is it just a creative fake??
  2. Theda in black and white? Fake.
  3. i wish it was real. it was so beautiful, even for a fake...
  4. nope its made in the pm and gm in the black and white mc
  5. i also saw a turquoise theda, and it was really beautiful. i looked it up, but i really dont know how to authenticate them...
  6. Yah, the suede Theda. Those exist.
  7. There were limited edition mini theda made in 2004, - I know it came in turquoise and gold, but not sure what other colours it came in.
  8. i want one really badly. i wish i would have known about it when it was out. ... i bet resellers are asking double (if not, triple) the asking price!!
    anybody have any links???
  9. Ya..creative fake, I've never heard of a theda that's both black AND white with mini monogram.
    Here's one of the Strass Crystal theda's..they show up on ebay from time to time. This one is $5,000 on ebay:

    I think the one you saw was supposed to be like this one ($3,600):

    And here's a GM w/ostrich trim ($9,995):
  10. wow. thank you so much lvbabydoll. they are so cute, especially the pink one. i cant believe that the turquoise one 10,000 dollars!! what was the original retail price??
  11. P.S. the one i saw was that one, thank you, but it was really defined black and white, not just grey and brown. im sure it was just a really bad/creative fake
  12. No problem!
    And I actually don't know the retail..the buckle and trim are ostrich and that's goat suede so they were probably high to start out with. Probably around $5000? I'm not super sure.
  13. The black and white you saw was probably a "special order"...from a fakes factory :noggin:

  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. I love the turquoise one..beautiful