Black and white signature overload? Oh well!

  1. OMG...I'm getting ready to do an updated Bag Showcase and just got all my b&w sig together for the first time.

    Do I need an intervention? :graucho:

    Great memories here...the shoulder tote and wristlet I got here at home...while the flip flops and beauty case are souvenirs (rewards!) from an exciting but very grueling Nashville business trip. Chelsea satchel and the slides? That's retail therapy, I'm afraid :crybaby: but I :heart::heart::heart:
    Coach June b&w.jpg
  2. Love it long as you don't try to wear it all at the same time, it's all good!!
  3. I don't think you can own too much of a collection. Yours is nice. :tup:
  4. Ha, ha! Too funny! I love it all though, well done!
  5. ITA :roflmfao:. I'd never wear a shoes and bag of this at the same time!

    I wear so many neutrals so this really adds a great 'pop' to all my outfits!! :wlae::okay:
  6. I love the color combination I don't think you can ever have to much!
  7. Great collection! Collect what you love, don't worry about having too much of one thing if that is the style that makes you happy.
  8. I love your collection!:p I think the satchel is so cute!
  9. Hey, I dont think wearing all of them at the same time would be THAT bad.
    Now, if Coach made a b&w signature suit and you wore that with your bag and shoes, that would be a big O___________o from everyone. "]

    I love your shoes, they are to absolutely die for.
  10. Very nice:yes:
    Those shoes are so cute!:tup:
  11. :heart: your collection!
  12. I think you could wear the shoes w/a bag together...not too much, just coordinated! Now, if you wore them ALL at the same time...that would be a little overkill! HA!
  13. Great collection.
  14. i love the chelsea satchel, im thinking thats gonna be my next purchase

    great collection :smile:
  15. ;)I think I mentioned this in another thread.....You need a wallet!;)