Black and white marilyn...pick one?

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Which colour do u prefer?

  1. Black Marilyn

  2. White Marilyn

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hey, help me choose a small bag. I need a small bag, since the new MC are out, might as well try get one. But which colour will u pick?


  2. The black is beautiful in real life.
  3. white MC! Black MC could look a slight 'dressy' than white mc marilyn, but once the vachetta starts to patina...White MC is the one that looks good before and after patina imo.:yes:cs
  4. Both colours are great, but if I had to choose, I would pick the white MC.
  5. white for sure!
  6. i like the white MC! it looks so fresh
  7. I pick black but only because I'm afraid of white.
  8. I prefer the white. I think that the white looks nice on this bag because of all of the vachetta.
  9. I just got the white one, so I say white!!
  10. White It's Perfect For The Summer
  11. The Marilyn is fabulous in black!
  12. i like white
  13. Black! All The Way!
  14. White White White White!!
  15. I will choose the black! White is lovely but I am scared of the bleeding!