black and scarves

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  1. i recall reading here that black scarves, scarves with a lot of black in the design, are stiffer than scarves in lighter colorways. do they soften over time, and do they soften if they are washed?
  2. Sure do - all scarves soften over time with wear.
    I think the stiffness is to do with the composition of the ink - each one is a bit different chemically obviously and the atelier has 40,000 to work with. You'll find a silk scarf with a faconne design starts off with a much softer feel as well.
  3. HiHeels - this is really interesting - I had never heard this before. I have one black colorway scarf and one orange, but they feel the same (I think) - I am at work now but will make it a point to compare them when I get home. Of course I've had the black one a year longer, so we'll see....
  4. Hmm...none of my black scarves are stiffer than any of the other colorways. Stiffness in silk has to do with how a skein was processed, how long it soaked in the diffent baths etc...
  5. I have one stiff black scarf....the dang thing could almost stand up by itself! Soaked it twice and ironed it and it's less stiff but still too stiff for my taste. I love the design but rarely wear it because I like my scarves soft and drapey.......
  6. HH, I have some older scarves that are light in color, one has no black at all, that are still as stiff as boards. Perhaps it is the sizing that they used in the silk prior to the color screening.
  7. hmmm, i don't know where this leaves me, lol.
    there was a very pretty pochette that i saw at the store, but i was so disappointed by how stiff it felt, not at all slushy and luxe like my full-size scarves. wasn't sure if it was a pochette thing or a black color thing.
  8. I noticed that my lavender CDC is much stiffer than my orange one, and that my merlot toits de paris is very soft and drapey. I have a new mors et gromettes that is light blue and insanely stiff. They have their own personalities, I guess. Also, the alliances du monde mousse is really stiff compared with the cdc one....that is odd to me.

    LOL, this didnt answer your question at all, did it HHeely?!~

    I guess I will need to get a black scarf!
  9. It's niether a pochette or a black thing...

    Keep wearing it and it will eventually soften..twisting it and tying it will eventually soften the "finish" of the silk.