Black and Rouge H Crinoline..Seasonal?

  1. I consider natural crinoline to be a summertime bag, but what about black and rouge H crinoline, any thoughts?

    Are they okay for fall, winter?

  2. do you mean the rouge h potamos toile/black box?

    for me it is an all year combo and i actually really like it.
  3. Great question!
    I have black crinolin, and I favor using it only in summer. But I don't know what others do...
  4. I think so. I wouldn't have any qualms scooting around with that lovely B & RH combo any time of year. Yum!:yes:
  5. Oh I think year around definately. Ya might not want to carry it when snow drifts abound tho but otherwise fall & winter. It is a lovely bag!
  6. Actually I meant Rouge H or Black horsehair crinoilne.
  7. I have exactly that combo in a large Kelly, and I think that being rather dark looking it is good for all year round. I dont think the lightness of the crinoline means spring and summer only. I use it all year and as it also resists water well (both the buffalo and the crin are water resistant) it holds up beautifully on damper autumn days. It is a very special bag IMO!
  8. Thanks for the tip about the water resistance. Did not know this about crinoline.
  9. I think it may be dark for summer (though how cute it would be with a white shirt and jeans!!!).

    Fabulous for all other seasons....
  10. I think you can wear it all year around !! Beautiful combo .
  11. The colour combo sounds very festive - I would love someone to post a pic?
  12. Thanks BabaBebi -- I did not know that Buffalo & Crinoline are water resistant!