Black and Gold

  1. Anyone else really loving the new black and gold trend going on with bags this season? I'm obsessing over the new Jimmy Choo ones, I need to start saving!

    So gorgeous:
    Neiman Marcus* -*Anaconda Handle Bag
  2. i love black and gold combination :P
    that choo bag looks beautiful
  3. I didnt know it was new. Never left in my opinion. I love it. My last bag is italian leather and gold hardware.
  4. I am really craving a black/gold bag for fall--and I'm someone who for many years would only buy bags with silver hardware!
  5. Silver and pewter have been very strong lately. . . NM has black/gold ALL over their catalogs this year.
    It's never gone out of style per se, but it "IN" in a big way this season!
  6. yeah i'm tired of silver. and pewter-yeck!
  7. Love the black and gold!
  8. I wasn't thinking black with gold hardware until last fall, when I got a black icy leather MJ Stam with antiqued gold hardware. Now, I love the combination! I think my eye was just used to black with silvery hardware.
  9. Love it! Loved it since last year. It's so chic.

    Love the Jimmy Choo purse too!
  10. Yeah, I'm def tired of all the silver as well.
  11. I'm still not really a fan of gold hardware so I'm not too wild about all the fall bags in general. I do love the Jimmy Choo patent leather Riki bag though. It really is gorgeous!
  12. Yeah, that bag is really beautiful, I would love for one of those!!
  13. I love black and gold! I think it looks very pretty!