black and brown together

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  1. hi all,
    i'm in love with a chocolate brown bag...i wear a lot of black, denim, white, gray, cream...mostly neutral colors and let my accessories "pop" the you think i can use a chocoloate brown bag if i am wearing black (not an all black outfit, just a vest, or pants or one piece of the outfit)...
  2. I love brown and black together! I just saw a fashion clip the other day where they were describing this combination as 'classy'.

    In the movie The Devil Wears Prada, the lead character wears a black top with a gorgeous brown leather jacket and brown boots, loved that look!


    Then in another scene she has on black with a brown bag -


  3. Black, brown, white, grey...its all going together this season.
    I love the way it looks.
  4. Let me tell you this...all is fair when you're wearing black and brown together!
    My standard outfits revolve around black slacks and jackets, brown slacks, tops, jackets, bags, scarves, eye shadow, socks, shoes, boots, you name it.
    It works, it looks wonderful!! Just look at the photos listed above. It's easy to put together. It's easy on the eye. It looks good on everyone.
    This is a no-brainer.
  5. I've been wearing my FAV brown sandals w everything, including black-included or all-black ensambles. Grey, brown, black, navy... they're all neutrals and I think mixing them up together looks soooo fresh!
  6. I think black and brown look great together. It's a match!
  7. I like black and brown. What I don't like is the matchy match that most people seem to avoid these days.
  8. thank you all!!!!
  9. I have a friend who was shocked when I was wearing a brown sweater with a pair of black pants! She said that was a fashion DON'T and I was like, I never heard of that rule! Then I also have a Prada bag that mixes black and brown leather with studs and it looks soooo good!
  10. Black and brown look awesome together, as long as it's deliberate. I don't get why people think the combo is a faux pas. I think it's fashion forward!
  11. haha, I forgot the bag I just purchased is black canvas w. medium brown leather handles and trim! And it's T.D.Fooooooooooooooorrrr!!!!
  12. Oooooh I could picture an Ebano BV on my black cashmere cardigan! Yummy!!!!
  13. hate fashion and brown forever!!
  14. ^ I hate them constricting!.. (although I do realize they have a small purpose at times)..:amuse::P
  15. Black and Brown is a good match!:winkiss::