Black and Brown Boots...what can I wear?

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  1. I am currently in love with these Vince Camuto boots in black and brown. I love the idea that I could match so much more with these than I could with plain black or plain brown boots, but what really would match? I usually wear gray jeans, or dark blue denim in the fall/winter.

    What restrictions would I have on what bags I could carry? What color winter coat? What color pants, etc?
  2. bump!
  3. As much as I love these boots, I feel there's too much brown on them. I have seen these with just the brown at the top. But....if you have your heart set on these, I would pair them with tweedy colors in muted shades (olives, browns, rich deep gold colors....colors like these).

    Sometimes brown and black on a boot is not easy to match up with too many things. JMO.
  4. i would get solid color, either brown or black.
  5. Any chance you could give a link to where you've seen them with just brown at the top?