black and bronze baby cabas available

  1. The black one is available at NM Willow Bend--ask for Shannon--she was holding one for me (Larkie) but i already got mine. The bronze one is available at Saks BH--ask for Donna. Good luck!
  2. Larkie, can u tell us how much its going for? Thanks.
  3. $1995, I'm pretty sure...
  4. yes, USD1995 without tax
  5. Ok thanks guys.
  6. Saw a bronze one in NM Natick today if anybody is looking for one, Mariana is great!!

  7. Hi! Didn't the Baby Cabas used sell for $1795? Was there a price increase for all baby cabas or is the $1795 still applicable to some colors and styles and the $1995 apply to newer shipments?

    Has anyone seen the cabas at the old price of $1795? thanks in advance!
  8. Saks New Orleans had both also on Friday.
  9. The price had gone up to $1995 for this new release. The $1795 was from spring/summer. I got my dark silver baby cabas at $1795 before.
  10. ^you are soo lucky to have the dark silver...i've been searching in vain for one.
  11. Larkie, Shannon's my SA! Saw her last Thursaday for a luncheon, she is SOO pregnant and so adorable. She can't work much longer.
  12. oh yay for Shannon!! She's really one of the best SAs out there. I sure hope she'll come back to work later though.