Black Ali

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  1. I have the Ali in black and with all of the pictures of the Whiskey I am begining to think I made a bad choice when I bought the black. Are there other owners of the black Ali out there and do you love your bag as much as the Whiskey owneres love theirs? I have named my bag Monster bag. I am just curious.:confused1:
  2. i'm glad you posted this because i'm thinking of buying an ali in black.

    if anyone owns a black ali,may you please post a pic with the bag on your shoulder ?

    thanks in advance,
    Cha Cha
  3. Lets look at it from another prospective....

    I have the Whiskey, and don't get me wrong, I :heart::heart::heart:my Whiskey. However, I keep feeling like I just simply HAVE TO get the same darn bag in black. This line is just such a step up from all the recent lines (with the exception of last years legacy) that it is no wonder that we all want them in multiple colors. The bag style and construction is outstanding, and the colors are outstanding, so a very good reason to get the same bag in multiple colors if you ask me!

    From a whiskey girl who would like a black too....
  5. Hi.

    I just got the Legacy Ali bag in Whiskey and love it. It is
    so superior in quality and workmanship and worth every penny
    I paid for it. I think I may have to get a black one as well as this
    bag totally rocks.

    I have the Legacy shoulder bag and feel the same about it
    as well. It is so sturdy and a return to the Coach Quality
    of maybe 10 years ago. The leather just gets more beautiful.
    Both of these bags fill my needs completely and I just don't
    want any other bag right now. I too feel like getting any
    of the Legacy Bags in another color to be a very practical
    decision. This 65th Anniversary Line is the best yet and I
    really don't know how Coach is going to top this for next
    fall 2007.:yes:
  6. Well if its any consolation, I have the Ail in the khaki/ebony and I've been seriously thinking of getting it in black because i love the shape and style of the bag so much. I have rationalized that the black one could be my "go to work" basic black bag - and my khaki/black one is my "fun spring anad summer" bag (because it looks so good one especially when I'm wearing my gold jewelry and bangles).:shame:

    I think the reason why girls are going ga-ga :nuts: over this bag in Whiskey is because to me it has this fresh, vintage look that goes with everything. Its neutral like black - but with color.

    I say get one in Whiskey too! :love:
  7. If you wear alot of black you made the right decision. I bought my bag in whiskey because I wear alot of brown and it is my favorite color hands down.
    I only own one Coach Black Bag from the Ergo line. The whiskey color also
    goes well with everything including black. I love mine and am thinking about buying it in black.
  8. The Ali is a great bag. I carry dooney for the most part but looooooove the Ali.
  9. I have a black Mandy and a whiskey Mandy...I love both equally!! Both are beautiful in their own right. :love:
  10. can someone please post pic's of their black ali on their shoulder (sideview)!

    ((((((((((((((((((((pretty please)))))))))))))))))))))))))
  11. I have the shoulder bag in black and love it! I think it depends on your wardrobe. I didn't need a whiskey bag but did need a black! I also find myself drooling over whiskey too and sometimes I want it as well! I agree that this line is so incredible that any color you own is a great choice!
  12. How much bigger is the Ali than the Legacy shoulder? LOVE them both, looking for an every day bag for all my stuff! THought I was sold on the shoulder, but now I'm not sure, it seems like that longer strap might be nice.
    Decisions, decisions.....please help!!!
  13. The black Ali has a shoulder strap of 16" and it is 13" (L) 9 3/4" (H) ahd 503/4" (W).
    The legacy has a shoulder stap is only 13'' and it is 11/12" (L) 703/4" (H) and 3 1/4" (W).

    Just general size wise the Ali looks so very much bigger all over. I tried to get the shoulder bag strap on my shoulder and I could not. I needed to go up. The Ali has a most generous carrying capacity and if you like big bags with heavy hardware then this is the bag for you. If you are a small person then the Ali would be overwhelming.