Black Ali or Vintage Ergo - which to sell?


Which should I sell?

  1. Black Ali

  2. Black Vintage Ergo

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm doing some purging and realized I've got 2 versatile black bags. which one should I part with?

  2. Ergo!! Don't let Ali go!!! :nogood:
  3. I say keep the Ali since those are harder to come by. Especially if you have a nice one.:tup:
  4. I vote for keeping the Ali. It's so versatile and can go from casual to work with ease! They are also going to be harder to find soon!
  5. If I had to choose one bag out of the two it would be to keep the Black Ali. I just got my black Ali and have been carrying it nonstop. I really love the Ali in Black and consider it a timeless bag that will still look great ten years from now. Keep the Black Ali.
  6. thanks guys that's the direction I was leaning too.
  7. keep ali!
  8. I say sell the Ergo. I love the classic look of the Ali and the other Legacy items.
  9. sell the ergo!
  10. I'm with everyone else - sell the ergo
  11. Ok....who are the 4 people that voted to sell the Ali?!?!

    Whatever you do, do NOT get rid of Ali!!
  12. LOL, I won't, I won't! :p
  13. Sell the ERGO!!!! There is NOTHING like Legacy Leather!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ya! WHO are the 4 people that voted to sell ALI?????:cursing::cursing::cursing::cursing:

    But, since, you've considered selling two different types/styles of bags, why? Why not sell them both? :nuts:
  15. I vote for Ali!