black Alexa

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  1. Hi there,
    has anyone seen the black Alexa irl? It looks lovely on the Mulberry website, don't know if its out yet, but if so, is it as nice as on the pics? Thanks.
  2. I have not seen it IRL . It should have hit the shops by mid march at latest though I would think? Here on tpf we have also heard rumours that a black on black leopard print alexa is coming, maybe September? Also, I saw a picture in Grazia magazine today of Alexa Chung carrying a cheetah print
    alexa. I assume that one is coming soon too. It looked wild!!

    Just noticed that the above was your first post! Welcome to the Purse Forum! xx
  3. Welcome annaswe!

    The black Alexa coming out next is made from lambskin. If you've seen the Hayden range then you'll know what the texture of the leather will be like.
    Black Alexa in buffalo leather will be out later this summer/autumn and the black on black later this year. It looks like Alexa is here to stay - at least for this year...
  4. Hi, yes I am new here - only discovered purseblog about a month ago. How did I survive without it ;)! Just got a call from the Mulberry shop here in A'dam and was told they won't stock the black one at all, but that they get in a black leopard skin Alexa in about 6 months time. A bit disappointing as I really liked to look of the black one, but want to see it irl before ordering it. x
  5. Hi annaswe- and welcome. Dont worry bout to be loads of girls on here buying and posting lots of piccs - almost as good as you seeing it irl- you can ask them whatever you need to know about it as soon as they start appearing!!!
  6. Aww, what a shame! I bet the black on black leopard will be gorgeous though, it may well be worth the wait.

    I can understand you not wanting to order without seeing the black one first. Fingers crossed that some of the girls on here might buy one and post close up pics and modelling shots. That would give you a better idea of what the black bag looks like I hope. xx
  7. I saw the black alexa with black snakeskin trim in Bond Street last weekend. Personally its not for me but it was quite beautiful. It seemed to be a bit sparkly - like a very subtle cracked bays from last season but was in the window and under bright lights so this might have been my imagination.
  8. Looking forward to lots of pictures of the black Alexa (loving pics of all Mulberry bags of course). Its been really helpful reading about some of the other bags - what a fantastic forum full of like minded bag-lovers!x