black 35 cm with GH...appropriate for weddings/parties?

  1. hey guys, i have a black birkin in 35 cm with gold hardware and have a few weddings/parties coming up. would it look silly to wear the birkin with a simple black dress to these events? is the bag too big? too conspicuous? i know a 30 cm would be a better option for evening but i don't have one :p

    advice appreciated! :heart:
  2. I think it's a great bag for every occassion!
  3. Gosh, I would say it's a bit big for a formal occasion.
  4. I think for a wedding I'd opt for something smaller. What else is in your collection......Hermes and Non-Hermes?
  5. ^^^I agree it's too big, it's like the one time when Birkin isn't perfect!
  6. that's the only H bag i have. i do also have a chanel classic flap, perhaps that's a bit more appropriate :smile: i sadly have not used the classic flap since i got my birkin! do you ladies with H bags find it hard to use your non H bags? just the other day i found myself offering to give my chloe edith bag to my mom! :p

    thanks :smile: more opinions welcome! :smile:
  7. I have a small (225) Chanel reissue,( black with gold h/w) which comes with me to most formal occasions. Sometimes, I will take my Chanel clutch instead. What size is your flap?
  8. the medium size, similar to your 225 reissue. it's black with silver hardware.
  9. Pigleto, I agree, the 35cm may be a bit too large to bring to a more formal event. I leave mine at home and use my black 2.55 or Chanel black quilted clutch. I think your 2.55 will be just perfect!
  10. Chanel. Chanel to the wedding. :yes:
  11. The medium flap would be more like a 226 reissue. I have one of those too in black with silver h/w. I use the 226 more as a day bag but could use it at a stretch for formal occasions as well. I would certainly use that over my 32 cm kelly.

    I must mention that I am fairly petite, so even the 226 looks big on me.....
  12. I know its hard not to use your favorite bag - but I think smaller would be better for the evening little black dress event.
  13. I agree with 2muchlux. Go for the Chanel. It's hard not to pick up your favourite black bag, but it is a teeny bit too big for a little black dress. Besides, you need to be able to get up and dance, right?:smile: :party:
  14. I have the 35 black GH as well and think it is too large for a formal event. Your chanel is perfect!! Lovely bag! Give it some play:heart:
  15. I am in the same boat with my 37 GH Bolide. My Chanel reissue is the evening bag for now. I soooo want to replace it with a mini Kelly in box or an exotic, but that is too far down the line. What kind of brat am I to wine about having to carry Chanel bc I don't have a big enough H collection? This is bad.

    But I am happy to say that these are my only handbags. All of my MJ, Kooba etc are gone to ebayers who will love them more than I could.