black 07 but....

  1. after reviewing all the colours for pre fall, i might get a black city finally!:yahoo: I know that the serial numbers will tell me its an 07 black but how do i tell its a Fall/winter or pre-fall vs an 07 from s/s?

    my SA will not know trust me.... so i need to go in armed with that info.

    i want to invest in this classic and make sure i get it right. i have a tendency to get swayed by SAs and this way i know what i'm doing.

    thanks thanks so much.:heart:
  2. A/W 07 = "U"

    And I'm also thinking about getting my black staple bag at some point from this season's leather... it is absolutely fantastic!!
  3. thank u, everyone here is like a bbag super brain :tup: now i have to just wait till aug (my ban is over then!:tup:
  4. I've been contemplating a black bag too. As stated above the letter on the tag should be a "U" and the card should read 2007 3 (for the F/W season).
  5. Get a black something else, Balenciaga in black is so desperate, just being real.
  6. Balenciaga in black is THE Balenciaga bag. Iconic, staple bag hotness :p
  7. ITA! counting down, counting down!:rolleyes:
  8. Thanks chuggie!! I can never remember what the prefixes are.

    I am loving my new brown color... so I am wondering if this is the season that I should "stock up" on staples for my bag collection?? So then moving foward I can add alotta color... Tough decisions. :p
  9. alright! go for it! black city is such a classic. i love my black city to death and i am sure you will too. post pictures when you get her.
  10. Good time for you to get a classic black! I think every bbag girl should have a black in their collection. I just placed an order for a F/W '07 black City from Balny. :tup:
  11. Yea!! I can't wait to see pics!
  12. and the leather this season looks AMAZING!!! black is indeed beautiful - congrats :tup: