Black '04 Twiggy - Buyer's Remorse Already!

  1. Hey there,

    I bought this Black 2004 Twiggy this morning and thought I had gotten a great deal.

    Now I'm starting to have buyer's remorse because

    (1) the seller seemed to re-emphasize how "used" and "old" it is in her emails to me, and
    (2) I looked up the seller's buying history and found that she recently purchased an obvious fake B-bag (from a dealer in fakes):

    I notice in her pics that she doesn't ever show the corners of the bag, where there is often more obvious signs of wear.

    Oh well ... I guess this might be my hard lesson ... I should have just embraced my brand new Ink City and not spent so much time on eBay trying to find a 'steal' !!!!

    I emailed her to ask why she bought a fake and also where she bought the black twiggy. I'll keep y'all updated....

  2. 450. for a Balenciaga bag? That's 600. below retail! I think for that price you should expect wear on the corners. No one sells a new bag, or a bag that's in excellent condition bag for that price. But maybe it can be great with a little care.:yes: Good luck:flowers:
  3. i think you have a good chance of it being a hidden bbags are hard to destroy and as long as it doesn't have rips, you could condition it and bring it back....if it's authentic which it seems to be, it looks good!
  4. oh, fiatflux, sorry to hear that!
    honestly though, the bag looks great and it was such a GREAT deal! :yes:

    are you just worried that the bag is fake?
    or are you afraid you won't like a used bag? i don't know if you've ever purchased used bags before, but i'm like that myself. i have a hard time really enjoying bags that have been REALLY used by other people. gently used is a different matter though.

    you never know though! with a little TLC, even the most beat-up bag can come back to life. :flowers:
  5. ooh... so sorry to hear that fiatflux
    but please don't give up on ebay, just do a thorough research. i often got a steal price. u won't believe how much i get for my eggplant shopper there.
  6. ***hugs*** for you, fiatflux
  7. I agree fiat flux...I got a b-bag first for an absolute steal...having said that it was pretty mistreated.

    some wonderful advice from the ladies here plus several days of TLC has scored me a beautifully restored gem!!

    I am not sure I would do it again...BUT...I am glad I did it now as my sky blue first brings me tons of joy every day

    good luck..I think you are going to love your bag even more once you have brought her back to life..
  8. Why don't you ask for more pictures? Maybe she's trying to back out b/c she knows she can get more money?
  9. I bet this could be true.....i would take a chance on this bag....I bet you will love the leather.....the black bags from this time were scrumptious....and you did honestly get a steal..and it has the silver hardware...very rare!
  10. yeah, i'm very gung-ho about this bag!!
    as long as it's not fake, i think you should pursue it. it's a like a diamond in the rough!
  11. Toni bought a diamond in the rough- she totally fixed it up and it is TDF!:love: I think it's in the documenting leather variations thread or colors thread! Hers was an '03 or '04 black city!- my dream bag!!!!:yes:
  12. Well...I feel much better now ... I got an email back from the seller and she said she bought the fake for her daughter and she knew it was fake. She reassured me that the Twiggy is authentic.

    As to the condition--I don't mind the level of wear she described, so I hope that her description was accurate & that there are no surprises beyond what the photos showed.

    I think it will be okay ... I was just having a minor freak-out & I think I'm over it. THanks for your support! :love: :upsidedown:

    P.S. My screen name means "always changing" .... which pretty much reflects my personality ... always changing my mind & second guessing my decisions!! agghh!! ;)
  13. Wow - thanks for pointing out Toni's post - that City bag is just gorgeous ... amazing considering the condition it was in when she got it!!
  14. toni's bag and pictures are what sparked the lust for an 03 or 04 black city in me and luckily, a few months later I was able to score is so beautiful, it's my baby and I know I'll love it forever....toni's pictures are truly amazing....sometimes I go to that thread just to visit her bag and the transformation!