Black '04 Mini Sac -- low BIN

  1. thanks for posting!!!! it's great to see the REAL bbags on eBay from trusted sellers!

    btw, the bag is gorgeous but a little too small for me. I'm sure it'll be perfect for someone! good luck jdy!
  2. jennifer, do you have a picture of this bag on? i'm interested. thanks!
  3. I will get on it asap. It'll be a few minutes ;)

    ETA: I will send it to you on PM...I look like a goof in the photos. lol
  4. ^^^I just got my '04 turquoise mini from "lvlady99" on eBay. It was $499 & sooo cute!

    I don't think it is an everyday bag.....but might be nice for a night out?
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