Black 03 first with silver hardware! 1788 BIN

Apr 3, 2006
hey varsha, how are ya? i have this bag from early 03, the season before this one bc mine does not have a silver tag. the leather is even better than my second season flat brass. my strap is much longer than the one in the pix. maybe spring 03 was long, but not fall 03? also, the handles easily fit on my shoulder.
Sep 3, 2006
It was me !!:yahoo:
I saw this in the wee hours of the morning and I BIN'd it!!! :nuts:
:love: I can't wait to see it (and hold it and stroke it and hug it) in real life!!! :shame: :shame:
I will post pictures when I get it! Might be awhile with the holidays and customs and all.
BTW the seller is an absolute doll !! :tender: