Bl**dy Bergdorf Goodman GRRR!

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  1. So, I bought a pair of boots from Bergdorf Goodman...everything fine, I received an email saying the item shpiped about a week ago. TODAY I check my credit card statement and I have received a PARTIAL refund on the pair of boots!! No email or explanation, nothing whatsoever, just a partial refund on my online cc statement. So I use their live chat to find out what the heck is going on. I am told they weren't able to deliver to my address. I check the address, there's no reason why it would be undeliverable unless they labeled the package wrong. So I ask them to send me the boots again. They tell me they can't do that but would I like to place another order!?, I have already paid and I expect to get my item! Not only that, but because THEY have stuffed up the order, they will not refund me the cost of shipping which was $40! Then there's the fact that I paid about $20 in currency conversion fees, again, which they will not refund! Is it too much to ask to get what I pay for? GGRRRR :cursing::tdown:
  2. THAT is awful!!! I would be LIVID!
  3. Oh my gosh! Can you call and talk to (gripe out) someone in person? Can you do a chargeback on your cc? I would not just let this go.
  4. ^Yes, I would definitely call and talk to a real person. Did they tell you why they couldn't deliver to the address you gave? What shipping service did they use? I would keep pushing until they re-send you the boots, BG is usually pretty good with customer service. I just hope they're still available! If they won't do anything, I would do a cc chargeback for the shipping, I'm assuming they refunded you the actual price of the boots.
  5. I agree, don't let this go! This is terrible customer service. If it doesn't work out, let them know you're not shopping with them ever again, and give your credit card company a call to see what you can do.
  6. This is totally not acceptable. Could you call and talk to their CS in person? They cannot charge you for their mistake. If they don't cooperate, you should call your cc and get the shipping fee back.
  7. Yep I talked to a supervisor over the phone...but because they have already given me a partial refund they won't ship them out again! I'll be getting the rest through a chargeback I hope...
  8. :tdown::tdown::tdown: i had a really frustrating problem with neiman one time! i no how u feel....