Bjork Goes Berserk !

  1. Icelandic singer and songwriter Bjork allegedly attacked a newspaper photographer shortly after she arrived at New Zealand's Auckland International Airport, according to reports.

    Bjork, who is in the northern city of Auckland to perform at the Big Day Out concert on Friday, tore New Zealand Herald photographer Glenn Jeffrey's shirt in half after he photographed her arriving at the airport early Sunday.

    Jeffrey, a news photographer of 25 years, said Bjork was accompanied by a man who asked him not take photos.

    "I took a couple of pictures... and as I turned and walked away she came up behind me, grabbed the back of my black skivvy and tore it," he said after the alleged incident.

    "As she did this she fell over, she fell to the ground," he said.

    "At no stage did I touch her or speak with her."

    Bjork said nothing during the incident, but her male companion was saying, "B, don't do this, B, don't do this," Jeffrey said.

    Jeffrey spoke with Auckland police about the incident later Sunday, and Monday said he had not made a formal complaint about the matter but was seeking legal advice.

    Scuffle: The singer allegedly tore the photographer's shirt

    I wonder if that shirt somehow will end up on eBay. :push:

    Auckland Airport police sergeant Rob Cabusao said police had been called to an incident involving Bjork and her companion in the arrival area.

    "Attending staff went to the arrival area ... where a male and a female were behind the counter of the coffee shop where they weren't supposed to be," he said.

    "One of them turned out to be Bjork."

    "They were escorted out of the area to a waiting car," he said.

    "No one came to us complaining of an assault and there were no witnesses [to the incident] who approached us," Cabusao said.

    "If there is a complaint, it will be investigated."

    Auckland Central police senior sergeant Campbell Moore said police were "not proactively pursuing the incident without a complaint being laid."

    Bjork or a spokesperson were not immediately available to discuss on the report.
    Publicists in London and Los Angeles could not be reached for comment.

    Hot tempered: Bjork during an altercation with a journalist in 1996


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  2. she is mad, but i am sure that photographer could of defended himself
  3. She's always been a little nuts....but I adore her music!!
  4. Bjork is one crazy betch!
  5. She is batsh!t crazy.

  6. I feel the same !! we are all a little nuts arn't we.... Human Behaviorrrrrrrrr love that video!!!!!
  7. She's crazy as a sh*thouse rat but I, too, love her music.
  8. What a weirdo.
  9. Well at least it was a nice clean tear.
  10. i still love her :yes:
  11. She is definitely unique.
  12. Ah I love Bjork and her crazy antics. I'm only saying that right now because he wasn't hurt though.
  13. Yep she has a habit of attacking people around airports! I remember that first episode in 96, it was pretty shocking to watch her fly at that reporter, but I am sure she must have been goaded, and we only saw half the story
  14. From my understanding...the reporter was taking pictures of her child and Bjork asked her to stop.

    After ignoring the request she was attacked.