BJ Kelly Half Way aorund the world

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  1. so..after sort of disappearing for a few days...(if it's not that noticable..that's because I was still tpfing everyday while on holiday..what a pathetic addict!)..this is where kelly and I went.

    We spent a week at W resort in Maldives. It was a long journey. 33 hours to get there. and coming back seemed even longer.

    this is a combination of my report and threads..

    H stores inventory: LAX..nothing much. a few scarves and little accessories.
    Singapore airport: they actually have an H store. Green garden party, some canvas bags, lots of cute accessories!

    Singapore DFS store:
    sighting: Gris tortelle (or eutoupe)? croc birkin 35cm! Beautiful.
    fell in love w/ a horse coin calf. cute chubby horse w/ horse hair on zipper tail. too adorable. Mr. Lau wasn't w/ me at the store I didn't get the coin purse. Also saw a cute yellow ducky key charm.
    a raisin plume, a violet trim..LOVELY!!
    Singapore H store in Liat tower : I dont' recall anything cept the pm paris bombay on the shelf. accessories collection were so so.

    some "hermes in action" pictures..


    check this out! seaplane malfunction on the way back. stranded on the wooden plank. and guess what..
    H sighting while I was sitting there like a refugee!
    Valparaiso 40cm! Lovely bag on a stunningly beautiful girl!
    (ok..that was a little dramatic. I did see the same girl from the beginning of the trip. it's just funny how there were 2 H bags on this "survivor" scene).

    kelly and fesdu stranded on wooden plank

    throw in some hotel pictuers later...

  2. Beautiful pictures.
    Glad that you had a good time.
  3. Welcome back! Love the pictures!!!
  4. These are so great!!! What a wonderful location to vacation. Glad to see you were "rescued".
  5. You look like you had a great holiday!!!
  6. ^^^Oh you look so RELAXED and it helped me RELAX a little, too!!:smile:

    YOUR KELLY and YOU wearing her ....are so BEAUTIFUL! Glad you had a great time and thanks for sharing these wonderful PICTURES:yes:
  7. ^ Big ditto from me!!! So pretty!
  8. Fesdu, you make me want a BJ're a hottie, girl!
  9. Great pics! You look fabulous with your bj kelly!
  10. your pics look so great!! so beautiful, can't wait to see more!
  11. Great pix!!! that is one well-traveled Kelly!!
  12. sorry..I need a mod to help me to fix my spelling. "around" the world on the thread title. thank you!!
  13. Fesdu, looks like you had a fantastic time! Your BJ Kelly is as beautiful as the sea. MORE beautiful, in fact!
  14. Thanks all for your nice compliments!!! :tender::blush::balloon:

    some more pics




  15. Love these picturess.... It's like postcards from Maldives.