BJ epsom pic pls

  1. does anyone have a pic of a BJ epsom bag/birkin they can post?

    I am thinking about BJ in epsom b/c I like the lighter shade.......:yes:

  2. I think there is a pic of Mrssparkle's BJ collection in the color reference section. If I am not mistaken, her JIGE is epsom.

  3. Thank you. That was a great pic for me to compare the different shades of BJ.
  4. Here's my new Trim II in epsom -

    Whatcha thinkin of gettin???

    trim II bluejean 35.jpg
  5. Your trim is beautiful...I am thinking about a birkin but maybe a trim now.:graucho:

  6. cxyvr, here is a better look at the BJ epsom Jige.

  7. Birkin 002.jpg
  8. That sure is spanking pretty!^^ (I meant the clutch, but that birkin popped up too and it sure looks gorgeous to me)
  9. LTT, my bad!:shame: I got all confused because the pic was posted by mrssparkles.
  10. I love your bj collection...It's such a happy color family.:heart:

  11. :drool: :drool: :drool: great photos! I love BJ, it's such a great color!
  12. Great choice Cxyvr--I saw a 35cm Sellier BJ Kelly in Epsom once and could not get over how lovely Blue Jean looks in this skin--such a pale and lovely blue!
  13. cxyvr: the color is actually lighter IRL.
  14. I love bleu jean in epsom. The lighter shade is lovely.