Bizarre foods - nyc?

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  1. Has enyone seen that show Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmer (I think is his name) and how he eats, well, bizarre foods? I was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere that had that type of stuff in NYC/Long Island?

    (I know this is a strange request lol).

  2. Haha, well, define what kind of bizarre foods you're talking about and then we can determine how strange your request is!! And possibly help cure your craving.....
  3. He actually did a show in NYC. They are running repeats lately. Check out his website.
  4. I was intriguied so I checked his travel guide, and the dude went to Carnegie dELI in NYC! He also ate corn dogs with hunky Tony Bourdain......

    How is this Bizarre?!
  5. Yeah, I saw the episode in NYC - but it really wasn't all that bizarre! I guess a tongue sandwich .. maybe.

    I'm talking weird, like innards of animals lol. It's weird, because he makes everything look good! haha
  6. im not sure how anyone can eat tongue. :yucky: just the thought of it gives me shivers.
  7. ^^^ Haha, my parents LOVE tongue. I guess it's a jewish thing..

    I actually met Andrew Zimmern and took a cooking class from him with my mom many years ago. He goes to our temple and is family friends with one of my old high school classmates.

    ANYWAY. I'm pretty sure you could find some bizarre stuff in Chinatown.
  8. yea. the durian he got in chinatown. i've never had durian but from what my mom tells me it smells really really gross but tastes good. he also went to the restaurant Congee which is also in chinatown. and really just walking around chinatown you can see some pretty bizarre foods in plastic open air bins on the sidewalks.

    most of the stuff he showed wasn't really that bizarre. i guess tongue is a little odd to some people but the stuff he got in brooklyn wasn't bizarre, just street food. and dang anthony bourdain is so hot.
  9. We eat tongue at christmas. It's good :smile: We are not judes.


  10. Heheh, we are some "judes" but tongue certainly doesn't do it for us. My parents are game for all the other delicacies like; gefilte fish, stuffed cabbage, knishes...not so much!
  11. half jewish here...

    idk not a big fan of the above food lol
  12. i'm sure you can find tons of strange stuff in chinatown ....