Bizarre Cop Stories

  1. My DH and I were talking about tickets we had gotten thru the years and funny cop stories etc. It got me thinking about an incident when I was in my early 20s. I was pulled over for speeding by a sheriff. After he wrote me the ticket he gave me his card and asked me out! :wtf:
    I was so intimidated and freaked out I just laughed and drove away. I never told anyone I figured it would just be my word against his and didn't want him to come after me for revenge, etc....

    so if you have any bizarre/funny run-in stories with the law, share them here!
  2. Well I used to know a girl who smoked pot with a cop once.. she was an uhm.. interesting girl.
  3. I was out of state once and I didn't know the speed limit of the road I was on, so I was going ~40 when my radar detector started going berserk. So I slowed down and then immediately I got pulled over. The cop said he clocked me going 34... in a 45! Apparently he just wanted to see why I was going so slow! He told me to speed up and have a good night :lol:
  4. I don't have one, but my brother does. He had just gotten his license and was pulled over. The officer noticed his license said 'Corrective lenses' and started gazing intently into my brother's eyes.

    You know, because instead of asking him about contacts, which would make the most sense, the officer decides to look for them himself.
  5. Lol that's strange. He must have thought he was so hot you'd go out with him even after he wrote you up.

    I have one. It annoys me more than it makes me laugh.

    So my mom is driving the car with me in the passenger seat, and my sister and her friends in the back. We are in a 40 zone. This black car in front of us is going literally 20 or less, breaking every now and then. I keep telling my mom to honk at the mofo and she keeps hesitating. She is afraid that they are going to start shooting at her or something since it was a really ghetto hood we were cruising through. After like 2 agonizing minutes, the loser ahead finally starts to turn to get on another small road. I insist that my mom honk at them and she finally does. Seconds later, that same car made a U-turn on the other road is now driving beside our car. Turns out, they are undercover police and yell for us to pull over. We pull over. The moron cop comes over and asks us if we knew why he pulled us over. I said no. He then says, "I thought you had a problem. I mean, you did honk." I said, "We honked because you were driving too slow." He then starts to change the subject and asks my mom if he could see her license and registration. I thought to myself, "these morons are going to feel so stupid when they get back in their car and drive off in search of something to do." To my horror, mother's license is expired. It's been expired for 6 months now. She then got a ticket for $350 or so and we had to receive a mini lecture from the egotistical a$$face saying things like, "I could technically incarcerate you for this or tow your car away" and "I'm going to follow your car all the way home to make sure you don't drive until you get it renewed."

    I wanted to pound the creep with his own nightstick.
  6. My very petite friend LewLew (a gay male) and I were driving back to my parents' house after seeing a movie. I guess it was about 10 or 11 o'clock at night. I was taking "the back way" between the street where the movie theatre was and my neighborhood which involved driving by the University of Richmond stadium, where there had been a football game much earlier that day. So I'm cruising along going the speed limit (20 mph? 25 mph? slow, anyway) when all of a sudden there are flashing blue lights behind me. I pull over and the cop asks for my DL etc. I asked him why he was pulling me over and he said "A car matching the description of this one {a baby-blue Nissan Pulsar hatchback mind you} was reported speeding through this neighborhood earlier today." WTF??? I got really pissed. I was like, "You have got to be f*cking kidding me! Even if it was me, which it wasn't, how the eff are you gonna prove it? That's the lamest excuse for pulling someone over I ever heard!" My friend Lew is cracking up. I make the officer tell me his name and tell him I'm gonna report him, etc., he lets me go and I drive home. The only thing I could figure is that he saw me drive by and didn't realize I had a passenger in the car. God knows what might have happened if I'd been alone---the area I was in when he pulled me is pretty remote.
  7. ^^Your post makes me think about that number *77 I think? that you can dial if a suspicious cop tries to pull you over, and you can call it to make sure its a real cop. wonder if anyone has tried this?
  8. I've gotten 2 tickets in my life - one was for speeding and the other was for failure to make a complete stop at a stop sign.

    The tickets were 11 months apart.

    Both were from the SAME cop *doh* What are the chances of that happening?
  9. Up until about three, four years ago I owned a 1978 Ford LTD II, which was about the size of a tuna boat and beat all the heck up. It ran fine, got me from point A to B, but it was literally the biggest AND uglyest car in the county.

    My uncle who lived with us until he died ten years ago worked for a local radio station, but he worked crazy hours, so I'd take him to work and then pick him up that night. One night I was driving down the main street when all of a sudden, that familuar red and blue flashing lights came into my rear-view mirror, and as I pulled over, he also lit up the inside of my car with a spotlight.

    He gets out with his hand on the butt of his gun, walked up to the side of my car, acted all suspiscious, ect... I asked him what was wrong, and he told me I had a headlight out! Then he demands my liscense, registration, proof of insurance... asks a bunch of questions, where I was headed, who my uncle was, what station he worked for, had I been drinking (NO! Thank the Gods!) and had I ever been stopped before... (In that old junkheap, about once a week! LOL!) Then he goes to the front of my car, takes out his huge flashlight and hits the side of the hood where the light was once very hard.

    The lught started working again. He sent me on my way.
  10. I am 18 and i got stopped 3 times... OMG it scares the crap out of me... First was for( you are going to laugh) I was pulling into a parking lot and a car was ahead of me, I cut the car off and quickly drove into the parking lot, I never really cut off anyone, i had to pee so bad, so i was rushing.. But guess what type of car i cut off, A cop car.. As soon as i pulled in the mofo made a u turn and stopped me in the parking lot, HOW pathetic, the first time i get pulled over, its in a parking lot, NOT for speeding, but for cutting off a cop, HOW SMART... I hate when they ask this stupid ass question"do you know why i stopped you" NO ****.... Anyway I had to go to court and payed $95.... 3rd time is when i was speeding on the high way.... I was going 95 on a 65... so bad... When the cop followed me I went to stop on the left lane.. then i heard on his speaker TO THE RIGHT TO THE RIGHT.... at that point i knew i was screwed... He gave me 4 points and my court date is on feb..... I think i have to pay like $500 to get the points off....
  11. 19, i've been pulled over about 8 times with a total of 6 tickets in 4 stopes if i recall correctly. so 4 stops i got tickets on, and 4 i've gotten off with warnings, all within a few months of each other (i haven't been pulled over for almost a year.)

    my first ticket i was going about 105 in a 55 in austin texas. the officer proceeds to pull me over and did a quick field sobriety test on me and tells me to get out of the car and lecture for me for about 30 minutes. thankfully my ex(current at the time) was in the car, or else i would have been arrested. honestly, he was perfectly within his rights to do so, but his story has some major discrepencies., that to this day still annoys me. for those familiar with the austin area, he told me he had been following me since rundberg on i35, BUT he pulled me over on riverside. for those not familiar with the area that's about a 10 mile stretch of highway. so tell me, what kind of cop either a) lies about something so insignificant such as how long he followed me, or b) allows maniac (me) to drive for 10 miles @ 100+ mph?

  12. I think you need to slow down!! What's the hurry? :smile:
  13. Were you drinking?!
  14. It is not my story, but my DH's.

    It was the blizzard of 92' in PA AND at NIGHT when my Dh's car ran out of gas off the highway. He was going back to his parents' like 45 miles away.

    Most businesses and road was just closed due to the blizzard and DH was stuck trekking out in the blizzard without phone (no cells then) to an off the highway state police station seeking for help.

    What he saw was a bunch of guys just sitting there "hanging out" talking... and my DH asked for help, but those police just looked at him and did not offer any help with gasoline or even a phone call... and my DH even recalled some of them smirking. :cursing:

    They basically told him they could not help him and he is on his own (they did not even offer shelter from the blizzard:cursing::cursing::cursing: and what is our tax money for???). What miffed me is that people caught out in the blizzard could easily lose their life out in the cold without shelter!!!

    My DH was lucky that he trekked a few miles down and found a hotel to stay at till the next day! I am so glad he was alive to tell this story!

    What those police did that day was just plain WRONG and if I can choose for where my TAX money to be spent... it WILL NEVER be for the POLICE, I am sorry. Just too many disappointing incidents of the police NOT helping because they don't seem to think it is their JOB! Which BTW, my own country's police are better at what they do... just NOT here!

    No tax money for them = NO JOB... why would I choose to PAY them (the police) if they don't want to work?
  15. I can't stand cops. Sorry if there are any cops here, I'm sure there are some good ones I just have never met any. I drive 5-8 hours a day every day for work so there is plenty of time to do something wrong. The last time I got a ticket I was driving the speed limit (I think 45) down this road when a bird flew into my windshield. I hit my breaks and pulled the car over to the right shoulder. Of course some idiot cop comes up behind me and tickets me for reckless driving. I explained that a LARGE BIRD flew into my windshield but he wouldn't listen. I mean there were feathers everywhere. I went to court and of course the jerk didn't show so it was thrown out, still a huge waste of my time.