Bittersweet Holy Grails: did they change the elastic on the slingbacks????

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  1. After getting 3 pairs of nude Very Prives and Numero Prives last summer I gave in and special ordered a pair of the Nudes with Burgundy tips :angel:

    Six months later . . .

    I just got them and the elastic strap on the back looks bizarre :wacko:

    Did they change that strap?!?!?

    Has anyone every experienced this????

    Pic coming shortly...
  2. Damn woman, you are not having good luck lately are you?
  3. No kidding!! :nogood:

    On closure inspection, the staps aren't even patent leather :wtf:

    They are some super soft flat leather, the dye job is totally uneven, and the glue is coming off :Push:

    Shoot me now.
  4. Oh, no. That sucks!!!
  5. oh no! The nude VP's I got last month look normal...

    post pics when you can :yes:
  6. ACK!!!
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Otherwise they are gorgeous :girlsigh:

    Oh, but they are 130mm, not 120mm :shrugs:

  9. I've got some NP's coming in mid-February so we'll have something for comparison.
  10. You make me want to compare the slings of my NPs. I thought my glitter NPs slings were exceptionally loose fitting. I'll get back to you.

    If you have problems with a SO, that's disconcerting. You should be nothing but satisfied when you do a SO.
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    They are gorgeous! I think if you had just bought them, the strap wouldn't be such a big deal, but since you did an SO, everything should be perfect. Maybe you can ask the boutique for a discount or something?
  12. hmmm weird... maybe a different manufacturing plant??? otherwise they are STUNNING!!!!
  13. :faint: They are gorgeous! You always have the best jeans too! Anyway, maybe they have changed the elastic on the new ones for quality issues? The softer leather over the elastic looks like it might be more comfortable on the heel of the foot. Is it more comfortable compared to the patent? I also think I read somewhere on the forum about someone saying that the patent was cracking with wear and the elastic was exposed. Unfortunately for me I don't yet have a pair of the NPs so I'm just guessing here.
  14. I don't think I can live with a strap that looks like a replacement :nogood:

    It isn't even patent leather, wtf?!?!


    If these weren't Special Order I would never have bought them looking like that. Even at regular price these shoes are a really expensive indulgence.
  15. The straps don't even feel like leather, they feel like moleskin or something.

    So yeah, they are soft and loose.

    They don't feel secure at all though. And the leather sides get wider to accomodate the wider strap.