Bitter the day after V-Day - anyone care to join me?

  1. Yep Bitter... that's me at this point.

    So, *deep breath* I am a receptionist. That means that yesterday I had to sit at the front desk and receive everyone else's flower/chocolate delivery. That also means that everytime someone else's flowers were sitting up here EVERYONE that walked by would comment on them - thinking that they were mine. That left me to explain that 'yes they were gorgeous, no they are not mine'.

    Long story short, last night was certainly not the best and I didnt get anything from DH.... not a card.... nothing. So this morning what do I get to sit through? Everyone and their mother coming up to my desk asking me what lavious gifts my husband bought for me last night.

    There have also been a myriad of other minor things that have accumulated to make this a not so fantastic morning. Anyone else dealing with the aftermath of Valentine's day?
  2. Sorry you had a bad time. My DH was away for VD, so i made the best of it with my girls. We had pizza and soda (which is a no-no in my house), I gave them each gifts, watched Swan Lake and had a blast.
  3. That's no good!

    But you know what? Don't worry too much because V Day is too commercial anyway.

    Maybe your husband has a surprise for you on the weekend!

  4. aww, don't feel blue. I didn't get anything for Valentines either. But honestly, I couldn't careless. I have a fabulous husband who adores me, takes care of me & would never let anything hurt me. He gives me all the love & support I could ever want, every day of the year. I don''t need an over priced bunch of flowers or some tacky chocs to know he loves me. And I certainly don't need just one day a year for him to show how special I am to him. I'm sure its the same for you & your SO.

    I honestly think its really tacky & cheap to buy flowers & chocs & anything really just becasue its valentines. The only people who really get anything from it are the card companies & florists.
  5. Oh, I was bitter yesterday.

    I stupidly told my parents I wanted money intead of flowers this year. I got the money last week and I really appreciated it, because I needed it. Come the day, and part of me thought, "You know, a single rose would've been nice." And I thought I made peace with it, but on my way to the gym, I kept passing people walking in the opposite direction with bundles from flower shops, and I just got more and more depressed.

    I know, I know, I should be grateful that I at least have money for groceries and so forth, but screw that! Everyone deserves at least one rose for Valentine's Day!

    The fact that I'm single doesn't bother me so much as not having money to buy anything for myself.

    THEN what really depressed me is the fact that I'm 27 years old, I've been living in Canada since August, and the only job I had was holiday work at a department store. I've been job hunting for the past month and nobody will hire me!

    I should've done all this crap right after college! My God, it's like I'm having a mid-life crisis, or something!
  6. AWW ! Don 't be bitter !!! That nasty emotion eats away your insides !!!!

    Do you have eyes that function ???? Yes ??? Be happy that you were able to enjoy looking at all of the flowers that were on your desk even if it was for brief moments. So what you didn't take them home with you. You got to see more flowers yesterday than probably all of us combined !!!!

    Also all of that chocolate is not good for you !!! Think of all the calories you DIDN'T eat !!!;)
  7. Thanks ladies. I appreciate you comments.
    BeBeStyle - It sounds like you had such a sweet night I am sure your girls really appreciated it.
    lilpikachu - Although that is a fantastic idea I really can't get my hopes up.
    ParkAvenuePrincess - I wish I felt that way.
    Caitlin1214 - I hear ya with that midlife crisis.
    Cassidyfit1 - I like your thinking!
  8. Ah, well. I got a TEXTBOOK. No roses. No chocolate.

    I already had about half a dozen people LAUGH at me

    Question:" What did you get for Valentine's day this year?"
    Answer : "A physics textbook!"
  9. That's just it... I wish he would understand that it's the small things that could make the biggest impact. Even a simple card or hand written note. We had to go to the grocery store to pick up some food for dinner yesterday and that was an adventure in of it self. Just having to walk around watching all these men and couples buying flowers and chocolates like a dagger in the heart.

    I know I shouldnt let others actions affect me in that manner. But, yesterday was definitely a low point.
  10. aw - but he went through so much trouble to find the appropriate book for you! I would never laugh at that - to me that seems like the sweetest thing. Every time you use that book you will be thinking about Valentines day and him. :love: He sounds like a sweetheart.
  11. Maybe buy yourself some flowers. My DH is out of state a lot, and when I am down, I buy myself some flowers and then i call him and say 'Thank you for the flowers you bought me today' It sounds silly, but it does work.
  12. I won't lie Lisa. I'd be totally pissed if I were you. Especially if dh was aware that as a receptionist I would have to be receiving other ladies gifts all day. I would at least want a card, or even just one rose. Valentines is a special day for me. If I'm going to marry someone I would expect a little note to celebrate our love. I'm not a spoiled brat but Valentines is a soft spot for me. A married woman wanting a card or flowers on a day of love is not expecting too much at all!
  13. BeBeStyle - I was thinking of buying myself some on the drive home from work and while at the grocery store. Haggens (a grocery store in my area) had this gorgeous arrangement of roses in a red vase. That beauty is so mine if it is still there when I get off work.

    angelica - That's the thing he knows how my work is set up. He even said he 'thought' about ordering me flowers. argh
  14. Thats sweet! I hope they are still there for you! :heart:
  15. The thing is, I did get a card (like the day before).

    But there's something to be said the day of, you know what I mean?