"Bitten".....the new line of clothes from Sarah Jessica Parker

  1. Hey - has anyone ever been to a Steve & Barry's clothing store that apparently partnered with SJP to create this new fab line of clothes? There's a grand opening about 45 minutes away from here in West L.A.
    I went to www.bitten.com and put myself on some "notification" list - whatever that means....
    Just wanted to know if anyone's ever had a sneak peek, or if it's too new....;)
  2. I'm excited by the prices!! :yes: But it doesn't look like there's any Steve & Barry's in the Bay Area. I may need to take a trip down to So Cal.
  3. Ohh...looks like some pretty cute stuff and the prices are great!!
    No S&B here in Vegas, but there is one in Toledo,Oh and one in Hot Springs,AR and I am going to both next month:nuts: