Bitten by the Sabrina Bug!

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What color Sabrina?

  1. Espresso

  2. Parchment

  3. Another color?

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. So I have seen numerous posts with Sabrinas here on the forum, and while I always thought they were gorgeous, I wasn't head over heels for them and in fact never really wanted one. My boutique is about an hour away (with an outlet about 15 min. away), so while I had seen them at Dillard's under the glass, I had never actually held one. Well, I was at the boutique this weekend just looking around, and I picked up one and looked in the mirror, and let's just say it was :idea::faint::cloud9: I FELL IN LOVE! It looked just perfect on me, I love how light it was, and she just looked so stylish and classic and I could go on and on! Unfortuantely, I'm not typically a boutique shopper and don't want to pay retail, and although it was hard, I left her behind and boy have I not stopped thinking about her since!

    So I took another trip up to the outlet today to meet with another TPFer (Hi BG! :flowers:) and her hubby overheard the SA saying that they had Sabrina's in the back and weren't allowed to take them out yet! :wtf: When we asked the SA about it, she said "we won't get Sabrina's until they are no longer available on the website"....maybe that just means they can't put them out until then!?:confused1:

    Anyway, enough with the rambling. I think one way or the other I would like to get my hands on one of these beauties eventually, but I'm torn on the color! Of course if they came to the outlet, I'd take what I could get :graucho: But I think if I had the choice it would be between Espresso and Parchment. Which do you prefer and why? Or do you think another color is just way better than those two? Pros/Cons? Opinions please!
  2. Okay, parchment wins because that's what 100 percent of the voters want...oh, wait...I am the only voter so far, drat! JK...I said parchment because I think the Madison leather looks lovely in that color...can't wait to find out what you picked :yes:
  3. maybe the Sabrina's they had were returns and weren't tagged for the outlet yet?

    I vote for parchment. It's such a classy bag in that color!
  4. I agree! Parchment is a wonderful color.
  5. I picked expresso because I never had any interest in Sabrina until someone showed pics of their bag in this color. I know you like brown/chocolate and I'm thinking you would use this bag in expresso more.
  6. I voted particular reason except that I am drawn to that color more.
  7. Parchment! I'll definitely be on the lookout for Sabrinas at the outlet!
  8. ESPRESSO please!:rolleyes:
  9. i vote espresso. i just think this particular bag looks great in this color. the brown is very dark and rich and i think it would look great with both neutrals and bright colors. i have the espresso in the large leather. somehow i picture it best with neutrals and a pop of bright color together. anyway, the way the brass/gold hardware sets off against the espresso makes it look even better. honestly, i like almost all of the colors sabrina comes in but i think espresso is my fav. hope this helps!
  10. Thanks for all of the help ladies!!! I love both of them so much, and it sounds like ya'll do too! I'm not sure which one I want still though!!! :shrugs: This will probably be my biggest Coach purchase so far, $ wise, so I want to be absolutely certain I make the right choice, KWIM?
  11. I have a teal but I love the espresso leather. I think steel is a great choice also!
  12. Expresso!!

    The shape of the bag just looks better with some sort of color ...
  13. I'm voting for's such a rich color and you won't have to worry as much about it getting dirty--although the parchment together w/ the brass hardware is soooo yummy--oh no, I'm probably making it worse for! Okay, let's put it this way, I personally would probably go for Espresso because I'm clumsy and would probably get the parchment dirty, but if someone could offer you advice on how you could keep a Parchment Sabrina completely clean, then I'd go for the parchment. Does that make sense? lol...sorry if I confused you. But you really can't go wrong w/ either...they are both TDF...oh heck, just get both!
  14. I would have a hard choice deciding between those two colors! I have a parchment Julianne, and luuuuuv her to death, but I'm interested in snagging an espresso Sabrina myself also! So I just can't vote for one or the other. They are both so pretty IMO!

    BTW, I sprayed my Julianne with Apple Rain & Stain, with fab results! Still looking bright and fabulous, and I was so completely nervous about color transfer and such.
  15. I voted another color... cherry, pink, berry, somethin ;) espresso would be my choice over parchment though, I think!? lol everything coach makes is lovely!