bitten by the MURAKAMI bug!! :)

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  1. Well earlier I posted about my new Cerises agenda & pochette...I was mesmerized by the little cherries so i felt I HAD to get a few cerises items. :biggrin: But actually *before that* what got me interested in the Murakami items in the first place, was those little CHERRY BLOSSOMS!! :nuts:

    So here i am presenting my new-to-me Cherry Blossom pochette, in red/creme. I got it on eBay from thehuangfamily. It was kind of expensive (as it's the most rare color combo) but it was well worth is in excellent condition and it is GORGEOUS in real life!!!

    btw, I actually got this in October, but haven't "brought it out" until now (I wasn't supposed to use it until Xmas). But I just couldn't it wait any longer!!

    front of the bag (this bag had me :drool: from the very beginning)


    my entire Murakami collection (everything's from eBay, except LV Hands coin purse which I bought at MOCA)

    other non-LV Murakami items, bought at MOCA (the flower hairband was given to me a friend) :smile:

    so yeah, I guess I'm a sucker for all the Murakami items. :smile: Too bad I wasn't into LV when I lived in Japan a few years ago!
  2. Oh gosh am I jealous. The red/creme CB items are my dream pieces.

    I love all the Murakami items too, they're so fun!
  3. thanks, Lvbabydoll! yeah i love the red/creme, it's my fave (though like the brown/pink combo too). And I am sooo envious of your Murakami got a LOT of cool MOCA items (i see you got one of those flower pillows..i'll have to go back just to get one, they're soooo cute)!
  4. Congrats!!!
  5. Congrats! It's adorable =)
  6. Love those cherry blossoms! You have such a "happy" collection--I smiled when I saw all of them together!
  7. LOVE THEM ALL!!!! Congrats!!!
  8. Yay, I love your new pochette ... aren't they just the cutest! Congrats!
  9. LOVE them all! Great collection!
  10. Aw thanks!
    I think those pillows might actually be gone at the moment, hopefully they'll restock after Christmas!
  11. Absolutely lovely collection.:yes:
  12. Congrats! The red/creme is my favorite CB line :love: I also love the little Murakami flowers...I bought one of the pillows on eBay and I still want more!!
  13. Super cute! I LOVE your agenda!
  14. Love it! Congrats, you're lucky to get such rare pieces on ebay.
  15. thanks! i was a bit of an ebay stalker for the past few months or so... i had sooo many things on my watch list it was CRAZY. :yes: i spent a lot of time cuz i would wait until i could find each item at the price I wanted. i lost out on a lot of auctions due to being outbid at the last-minute, and it was a bit frustrating at first. but eventually i've found pretty much most of what I wanted. so i think i'm done with ebay purchases (for now), as everything else I want I will just buy in LV boutiques (only resorted to ebay since Cerises & Cherry Blossom items were of course discontinued LE items).