Bitten by The LV Bug...or Bbag Bug?


turn it upppp
Feb 24, 2006
So now I'm down to 2 choices...
a Bali. city (black, white or apple)
a LV Speedy 30...
I was originally gonna wait to have enough money for a city bbag, but the LV is nice as well, and half the price...I guess I just need help deciding.
Another thing to keep in mind is that I'm thinking Bbag because it doesn't scream designer...
Any help, devoted LV'rs or BBagr's?
I love every single one of your choices. If you would rather have a bag that dosent scream designer, dont go LV, it screams it loud and clear. Stick with the bbag. Now choosing a color. I say pick the color that stands out most in your mind when you see yourself with it. Very hard choice I know. I,m expecting my White City any day now. It is super, duper beautiful!
chanelissy said:
RANSKIMMIE-- Can't wait to see your gorgeous pictures, I'm just unsure that I'd be abke to keep the white city clean! What'll you use to protect it?

I will be buying apple guard. I heard its the best. So we'll see. Im so in love with the white, Im willing to risk a little dirt.
I might be biased, since I already have a Speedy and matching wallet. I personally would LOVE to get a B-City!! It also doesn't scream designer either! I'm actually thinking of getting a black one... but apple sounds gorgeous!
Yep! Thanks for all the help! Cristina's bag has definetly swayed me a lot! I'm looking to buy from Cricket, but am wary because they seem to be readily availible, are they fake?
It depends on how long you plan on keeping/using the bag for. The B-bag is trendier and the colors are so pretty but the Speedy will stand the test of time. It will always be a classic and has better resale in the long run.