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  1. Hi, I'm new to purseblog and new to Chloe. Just got my first small paddy satchel from Neiman Marcus in the mail! It's gorgeous but I have a couple of questions about it for all of you experienced gals. My paddy is obviously real since it's from Neiman's but it did not come with ANY tags. Don't you find that odd? Also, the padlock is very "rustic" looking for lack of a better word. At first I called Neiman's really upset thinking they were scratches and really weired out that there's no tags at all any where on the bag or in pockets. (there is a dust bag and it's obviously real as it was bought from their website)
    Well, long story short they agreed finally to return it eventhough there aren't any tags saying this can happen- some Chloe's don't have tags.
    I looked closer at the pics on their website though and noticed the padlock does look texturized. I called a saleslady at a store here in michigan and she said yes they are in fact meant to look beat up. But, concerningly, she said it should've had a tag tucked into a pocket.

    I guess I'm really freaking out now. Should I keep the bag or not? Should it have a tag or not? And should the padlock really be texturized? The lady said all the new silver padlocks this season are...

    I love the bag, but just a little concerned. Any help/advice would be appreciated!!! They said I can keep it for awhile onger to decide....

  2. P.S. I don't live very close to a Neiman Store so it's difficult for me to get there to look at them in person and to compare my situation with how they seel in the store.
  3. It is quite possible that you received a "return" - someone had bought the Paddy from the website before and removed the tags. Ya never know - there could be a switcheroo going on here. You are entitled to a genuine Chloe bag so I would need some kind of confirmation from them that it is authentic. I never think anything about dustbags since the store has a stock of them laying around. And a texturized lock seems strange? I don't know how much texture you are referring to - mine is in the middle patina-wise: not too shiny and not too dull. Look at other Paddies IRL to compare yours to.
  4. I am a beginner with Chloes but I believe that the silver coloured locks, at least, are meant to look as though they have been pre-used a bit. I have one that does. It came from a legit source and I very much doubt that it had been returned or even handled.
  5. Thanks, I appreciate the help and any more thoughts any of you have. It's my fist "big" level bag. I have a ton of Coach, and just got sick of their factory stores selling a million bags to every schoolgirl around so I made the big jump to Chloe and now this happens
  6. ita with jenova. silver hardware is meant to look more 'scratched' up. It is definitely not shiny or smooth like the brass/gold hardware.

    Bottom line though if you are unsure and NM has another bag for you I'd probably just exchange it.
  7. You know, now that I think about it I think you might be right and this might be a returned bag from someone else who took off the tags. That burns me up, mainly cause of the $ of the bag. It took me 3 phone calls and a trip to their online assistance person before they finally agreed to take it back without tags. I might just return it. no point in taking the chance!! I don't want someone's return for this $$. They gave me a lot of trouble about it at first saying they didn't know if they'd take it back. And that was with me only having the bag in my possession for a very short time. And the tags are not even with the bag at all. It's not like they were detached and put in the pocket, they're just gone. I think I'll just exchange it now for piece of mind.

    Thanks!! It's just so upsetting to want one for so long, finally take the plunge and not get what you expected...
  8. Worrying and annoying experience. Please let us know how you get on.
  9. Thanks for the support!!
  10. It's probably real and it's probably been returned. Just exchange it for another and express the desire for tags. Better yet, go to a NM? You said one isn't close, what does that mean 2 hours away? 4 hours away? If you can make the drive do it in person.
  11. Yeah a NM store is about 5 hrs away- I live in the middle of nowhere!! It's tough to get there right now because with labor day coming up the traffic is so bad I couldn't justify leaving- it'd make the drive much longer, then we leave for 2 weeks of vacation. Otherwise I'd consider it totally worthwhile to go examine them and exchange it in person.

    Makes me nervous holding on to it for too long without tags anyway cause what if they change their minds about returning if I keep it too long? probably best to do what you all suggest, return it and specifically ask for another one, with all tags firmly attached!!:smile:

    didn't realize I had to actually specify that at a store like NM. But guess so
  12. I would totally exchange it for one with tags. Not all SA are knowledgable in all brands.... You never know if someone return it with reciept and switched it. Or returned a real one but kept the tags to sell a replica on eBay? For the price of the bags, you should get all the documentation! NM totally stands behind what they sell. I have never had a problem with them. If you ship it back maybe just return it and then call a NM store to order it, so they get the comission and ask the SA to check for tags and check for the best softest bag in that color. If you are nice they should do it for you! Good Luck!
  13. oh, that was disappointing. :sad: don't give up, there will be another! for the price, you should definitely get a bag that you're delighted with! and new! there will others!

    welcome to tpf! :yahoo:
  14. Speaking from experience - my first ever Chloe arrived a month ago and the padlock was chipped and scratched and a thread was loose - I ummed and ahhed, like you, but eventually sent it back and got a replacement one. I was SO GLAD I did - it was totally worth it. I had to wait AGES for it to clear customs on the way back (3 weeks!!!), but the exchange bag I got was my dream bag and even better leather than the first one, and totally scratch free and just what I wanted. You don't want to have a "dream" bag that you're not 100% in love with!

    Also - I'm pretty sure that the silver padlock is supposed to be quite worn looking - I remember first seeing pics of them and thinking wow that's very second hand and beaten up, but then realising after a while that they are actually new like that...... Can you post pics??? I'd want all the tags though - particularly if you ever decide to sell one day down the line....

    All the best!!! And, congrats!
  15. Thanks, everyone. I think you're totally right about it. I am going to call the store and see what they can do. I have a friend who lives down there, but I hate to ask her to pick one out for me because actually she's my SIL and she REALLY would not "get" the bag thing. I just don't want to have to justify the splurge, know what I mean? So I think I will call the store and see if I can get some nice lady to help me out.... The lock totally threw me because I think if people see it they might think the bag's old because it's so "worn" but that's totally the look... Now that I know it's supposed to be that way, I like it.

    I will try to take pics for sure. Our digital camera didn't fare too well during our recent honeymoon in Alaska. The screen got cracked somehow but I'll see if it can still takle pics before I send this puppy back!

    You guys are great!!!