Bitten By the B-bag Bug...My 1st First

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  1. I must admit, I wasn’t crazy about Balenciaga bags at first, I thought there was too much hype surrounding them “as being the *it* bag” and all the knock-offs; that look so cheap and feel like plastic, was also a bit of a turnoff. However, a few weeks ago I was in the cosmetics department at Neiman’s and from across the store, I spotted what looked like the most amazing colored green handbag on display…I quickly finished my beauty transaction and headed towards this bag. Upon closer inspection, I immediately realized what all the hype was about…The leather, The smell, The vibrant color…TO-DIE-FOR! I was hooked, although I couldn’t justify spending $1000 right then and there, I came home and began researching (or shall I say, Obsessing) about this bag, which is how I found The Purse Forum, so Helpful!

    After a trip back to Neiman’s, I am now the proud owner of a Vert Gazon First/Classique and she is sooo lovely! :yahoo:

    There should be a WARNING label inside the pocket!!! HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!!!
  2. yay!

    welcome to the club!
  3. Welcome, you'd have more for sure.
  4. Welcome welcome! Vert gazon a great color & style. Do you mind letting us in on the pics, pls :drool:
  5. hehe, you have NO idea how much worse the addiction is going to get!!

    I bet you that you will have at least 2 new Bbags within the next month!
  6. Congratulations! You couldn't have chosen a more spectacular color for your first.
  7. Welcome!!! Vert Gazon was my first bag too!!! Enjoy her....

    and shred your credit cards because these bags are seriously addictive...
  8. Congratulations and welcome!! Vert gazon is such a gorgeous color and it looks great in the first.
  9. An immediate pic is in order PLEASE
    and yes, the addiction only gets worse - I am purging my LV collection as we speak to add more B-bag and accessories. Even DH, who never recognizes anything, said the other day that B-Bags are So much nicer than LV - WOW, Is that ever a compliment!!!!
  10. Congrats and welcome to the Vert Gazon First club!
  11. Pictures!!! :party:

    And YES they are addicting! I just got my first bbag less than a week ago & I already want another:girlsigh: Life was so much easier back in the day when I collected erasers.
  12. That's so great! I've had to work my way up to the bright colors. I think it's awesome that you started off with a bright green bang! Can't wait to see the photos...

    I got my first First in mid-November. By mid-December I had another First and a Twiggy. Once you realize how beautiful these bags really are, it's hard to stop!
  13. Congratulations and welcome - you will enjoy every minute of it! :yes:
  14. Congrats, and welcome to the Bbag family!! :yahoo:
  15. welcome & congrats on your 1st first!