Bitten by SJP

  1. Hi, I just read this in today's NYT

    Sarah Jessica Parker has a new line called Bitten. Her line is only sold in Steve & Barry's. It's such a bummer that they don't take phone orders, and they don't have an online shop set up. I love the Foldeover bag (reminds me of Anna Corinna), and for $10, I'm willing to give it a shot.
  2. That does like the AC mini tote. CG- where are you??
  3. I just read the article. Interestin. I wonder why they didn't talk about her endorsing The Gap.

    There's a store that is not too far away from me. Maybe I will see if they have the bag for sale!
  4. She was on Oprah and telling about her new clothing line as well. Everything is under $20-including jeans.
  5. Well, after reading the comments on the article posted, I'd have to agree with a lot of them ...a $10 knock-off (Anna Corinna) and made where? Where is this $10 bag being made? Hmmm. Is this any better than outright 'fake' bags? This one really puzzles me.
  6. OMG they ripped off my beloved bag!!!! Is it leather???? for $10.00???? I feel SOOOOOOO sorry for Anna Corinna! Is this legal? Some of the best things about the bag is the way it hangs, feels, drapes, smells....I can't imagine this ripoff bag can satisfy!:tdown::wtf::wtf:
  7. I do wonder where the clothes are being made and what fabric. Can they possibly make a leather bag of decent quality and sell it for $10? CG, I know, I do feel for Anna Corrina but doesn't that happen all the time??? Designers are constantly being "inspired". I wonder if SJP even knows of AC?

    I'm not going to comment on the plus size clothing, as I do not wear that size so I am not going to comment on something I don't know anything about.
  8. A lot of the clothes are featured in the July issue of O mag. The clothes are very cute, and the sizes run from 2-22! They said there are over 500 pieces, and there's everything from basic t's and tanks to jeans, dresses, skirts and jackets.

    They say that quality was NOT sacrificed - that it IS possible to buy nice quality clothes at reasonable prices. They say the things balanced out - dresses, which cost a little bit more to make but are sold at a low price are off-set by the T's that cost little to make, and which will end up being profitable.

    It's actually a pretty interesting concept and I was impressed with the pieces. My daughter & I are heading to S&B this weekend. I'm soooo thrilled that the jeans/pants are made to fit REAL women and are not low-cut.

    I'm sure the bags are NOT leather. I don't see why people would be so upset that a style is copied. How is it any different that what JCPenny's or H&M or Target or hundreds of other stores do? High priced styles are copied all the time - as long as the name isn't, then it's perfect legally.
  9. I actually went to steve & barry's today to see her line of clothing..And i love them they are not cheaply made at all..And they are super cute..I went crazy and bought so much..And as for the jeans ..I only wear Seven and all the higher end jeans. But when i tried on SJP jeans i fell in love they fit so good..And they are only 14.98 for jean holy ****
    You guys need to go and see all these cloths so worth it..
  10. I didn't find the clothes to fit well. A very petite woman warned me before entering the fitting room that the pants ran very small, though I didn't find that to be true. They just didn't fit me well at all.

    The bags are NOT leather. A person can tell that from several yards away. However, there are some casual canvas bags that would make great beat-around bags (and I didn't recognize most of the canvas ones as knock-offs).

    The jewelry is SO cheap, but so much fun! I've retired all my good jewelry for the summer and picked up a bunch of pieces from there (for $5.98 each, the prices can't be beat)! Very funky and fun!
  11. Wow I wish there was a Steve & Barry's near me!
  12. I've been meaning to go and check out the collection since I saw her on Oprah. Everything looked really cute on there, but its different when you see it IRL. I'll be going there something in the next week!
  13. sounds like it's ikea of clothing
  14. A lot of people are going to be against the line without even seeing it simply because of the price point. Personally, I've heard both good (quality for the money) and bad (fit issues) about it, and hopefully will have a chance to go see the items in person before making a decision.
  15. You know, back in my young-and-broke days I would have LOVED to have had an option like this available. It's not my style now, but I think there are women who will be well-served by this line of clothing.