Bitten by SJP - Tell us what you've bought!

  1. After making three trips to S&B this week, I've decided I really like this line. At first, I thought the things didn't look that well made, but after buying & wearing a few pieces, I went back for more. Some things I LOVE, while others I can do w/o. Overall, I'm thrilled with just about everything I've bought - the best part about most of it is that it's all so flattering!! It shows off my best parts, and hides what I don't want to be seen. Here are some of things I've bought this week - Tell us what you've bought!!

    1. Jersey Knit Cotton Bras - I loved these so much, I bought one in every color! For $10, you can't go wrong!
    2. High Waisted, Dark Wash, Jeans w/stretch - I haven't bought jeans in years cuz I can never find them to fit. These not only fit, but look great!
    3. Hoodies and Cropped Sweatpants in white, light blue, dark blue & grey
    4. Baby Doll style tops in grey, white & purple
    5. Short Sleeve Linen Blazer in white & brown
    6. Cropped Cargo Pants, w/ankle ties & a stretch waistband that ties in cream, brown and olive green
    7. Espadrille flip-flop style in brown
    8. Leather-like Flip Flops in Black and White
    9. 3/4 Sleeve Double Breasted Blazer in Black
    10. An assortment of T's and tanks, including the signature Fashion is Not a Luxury

    With everything from this line costing $19.98 or less, it's the perfect line to buy for work and/or play. The pieces are perfect for a mix-n-match, or multi-layering. You can easily buy just a few pieces and mix em up to get several diff outfits. I'm very impressed!
  2. I work at a Steve and Barry's store, so I've actually had a few pieces way before they were released! With my discount, I only pay about 5.00 for the tees, so I have them all. I'm waiting for the mercer vest to come out, but nobody seems to know when it'll be released. We're actually sold out of all the 'Fashion is not a Luxury' tees in the grey/pink combo, but there supposed to be releasing it more colors later on down the road. I can't wait!:yahoo:
  3. OOOOooo! You're so lucky!! At least I know that vest is still to come - I've been looking for that.

    I bought myself the Fashion is not a Luxury T the first day I went, as well as one for my daughter (it was the first thing I grabbed!) - they only had one left in my size (in the grey), but they had a ton of the white w/purple lettering. In fact, they only had one small pile of the grey but about 2 or 3 piles of the white. I didn't pay attention today (I went to another store today) so I don't know if they had any left or not.

    The other thing I wanted, but everyone is sold out of, is the black & white striped tie back tank top - the store I was at today only had them in yellow/white and red/white. I'm going back to my mall tomorrow, so I'm going to check there. And those cropped ankle tie pants (the ones I got in cream, green & brown) - I'd really like those in grey, but all our store had was a size 0 (I don't think I've ever been a 0!!).

    Do you happen to know if the high waisted jeans come in any other kind of wash, other than the dark wash? I was a little disappointed that they only come in one length. Being 5' tall, I really need a "short" pair - so I just cuffed mine. But I really like how they fit. They have just enough stretch and they look great!!
  4. We don't have a Steve and Barrys by us, but the clothes look very chic and cute.:tup:
  5. I bought two tees and a black sleeveless top. After wearing one of the tees once, I put it in the wash and now the collar has come out permanently wavy and the fit is no longer the same as when I first bought it. While I'm not going to ban myself from her collection, I'm pretty unimpressed overall with the quality and style. For the same price, I could find cuter and more durable wear at Forever 21 and Target. (And it's too bad, because I initially started the Bitten thread in the Wardrobe section since I was really excited about its release!)
  6. That's surprising - I wonder if you took it back if they would replace it? One of the things SJP has bragged about is quality - that you don't have to sacrifice it for style. While the clothes are definitely no LAMB or Theory or Tahari, etc., they certainly shouldn't fall apart after one washing. My kids have been buying clothes at S&B for a while now, and they've never had a shirt fall apart when I've washed it.

    Which T was it - one of the novelty Ts (w/sayings and/or pics) or one of the plain colored Ts?
  7. ^It was one of the white novelty tees (has a tree on the back). The closest S&B is 500 miles away - I flew down on the weekend it opened so I could view the collection. It's definitely not worth it for me to go back and try to exchange out a $8 tee! I haven't even worn the other one yet because of this; I'm just going to sell it on eBay because there's no sense in keeping a shirt that will get warped. (My black sleeveless top came out fine; a little faded after one wash, but the fit is at least still the same.)
  8. I haven't seen the stuff in person yet.
  9. well that makes sense. I really think it might just be a fluke though, and if you like the other one, you should keep it. The Tshirts, from what I read, are the least expensive thing they produced (I think that's why they made so many) - pricing the Ts at $8 is one of the reasons why the other [nicer] stuff is priced so low. They said that what they make w/the Tshirts will makeup the cost for the higher-priced items that were costlier to produce.

    I do agree that the novelty Ts (they call them shirt-tale Ts cuz of their curved shape at the bottom) aren't nearly as nice as most of the other items. That's why I only bought 2 of them (the Fashion is not a Luxury one and one w/a Peace Sign) - I don't wear novelty Tshirts that much anyhow, and I'd rather spend that $8 on one of her nicer looking tops (or flip-flops, which are sooooo comfortable!)
  10. I just checked out the pic online....i seen some things i would like to try out
  11. You should check out the July issue of O magazine - there's a 10 page spread with lots of the clothes modeled by REAL women! You get a really good idea of what they have to offer.
  12. I'm not sure off the top of my head, but I have to go to work tomorrow so I'll definitely check on that for you.:tup:
  13. Ok, I really liked this line, but there isn't a store near me! lol! Well, I think there is, but heck, I need to make myself go. Now you ladies are making me wanting to buy!
  14. I'm dying to see it IRL! There's a S&B's down where my mum lives (about a 4hrs drive) so I might be taking a weekend off to check it out. You guys are certainly making me excited about it!
  15. I actually went back today & bought a few more things - some really cute baby doll style tops (I luv this style - they're so flattering!) & a nice 3/4 sleeve button-down black shirt. They also had the grey pants I've been wanting (yea!). I wanted one of the double-V knit dresses, but all they had were XS (except for brown - which I have way too much of!!) and a blue & white pinstriped seersucker jacket (again, XS!)

    I also bought a cute pair of sunglasses for $10 & a few necklaces for $6 ea. I never really looked at the accessories (except for the bags) til today - they've got some super cute chains & pendants! And LOTS of sunglasses in all diff styles.

    I can't believe how much I luv this stuff!! And there are still a few pieces that haven't come in yet - the black Mercer vest, camouflage pants, and the navy blue sailor pants. I can't wait to see what's in store for fall/winter!!! (hopefully some nice boots!)