Bitten by Accessories BUG

  1. Okay,
    I've been looking at a few of the Coach Accessories and I have the bug. I want to get a cute wristlet (not sure which one), a soho leather mini skinny ( it), a scarf (not sure which)......

    I think I'll pick up the soho leather mini skinny today! I'll let you know. I think it's so cute--especially in the white and I love Coachs leather! I wasn't planning on buying any accessories but that one is so cute. I think I'll bite!
    Okay, you ladies are a bad influence...but at least it's not a bag....:p. My rule is to only buy 2-3 bag per year.... I never said anything about accessories did I???:shrugs: LOL
  2. I love the White Soho Mini Skinny! You'll have to take pictures as soon as you get it!
  3. I like this reasoning! I put this in my signature...accessories are not included! :p
  4. I adore Coach accessories. They are cute, affordable, and fun. Especially when you compare them with LV. I am dying for a framboise vernis cles but at $200, I would rather put that towards a bag.
  5. I am the accessories queen and i know how you feel. they are just so much fun and you can buy more of them because they are (usually) less expensive than bags :smile: i love my logic!
  6. nice idea...i wish i could buy 2 or 3 bag a year and the rest accessories:yes: this thought will stay in the back of my mind though. I now have a new goal.....LOL
  7. Coach accessories are so great, so cute and cheap!
  8. I purchased the Skinny Mini Soho in white online! Yeah! I can't wait until it gets here. It should be here later this week. Coach always ships fast! Will take photos as soon as it arrives!
  9. I never appreciated the mini skinny until I got the bee one and loved it more than the wristlet! I love the accessories they have. Both mini skinnies and wristlets are so useful too!