Bitten badly by the bbag Bug!!! HELP w/Work Bag

  1. Hello - i've really been bitten by the bug...I am a recent proud mama of a GH AnthraDay and RH Black City. Now I really want a WORK to use for work and need to carry a laptop everyday. So here is my dilemma(s):

    o Anthra GH or Black GGH or Plomb SGH?

    o Will the the WORK with GH be too flashy? (I'm in corporate software sales)

    o Will a WORK even really handle a laptop - i.e., is it too soft/slouchy/laptop fall over all the time

    o Would a laptop in a WORK be too heavy for the crook of the arm or hand carry? The work barely fits over my naked shoulder!

    Thanks for your opinions!!!
  2. Since you already have an Anthra GH day, I'd go with the plomb SGH work. It also might be a little less "flashy" than anthra with GH. I don't own a work (yet) but I think it would be fine with a laptop. If you get a work with GH it should fit over your shoulders since the handles are longer than on a RH work :yes:
  3. hmm... I think if you work in corporate sales, then it's ok to be "flashy" right? I mean you do need to look professional... I think the Black GGH would be a great choice... I dont find it flashy at all... have a look at the celeb thread, the pic of Fergie using a black GGH work, it looks great! very classy IMHO! not flashy at all... as for the slouch factor... its meant to soften up after wear and the leather on the GH bags are meant to be thicker? thats what I've heard... HTH and keep us posted... ;)
  4. Fergie's looks like it would fit on the shoulder - once it is broken in. The pics of her are convincing me I need a black GGH!:wlae:
  5. ^^^ I agree. THe black GGH work that Fergie carries is gorgeous and has made me do a double take. (check under the celeb thread above for her pic if you've not already seen it).

    For a wider colour variety though, you may want to consider the work in something like cafe, truffle or cinammon (cafe and cinammon have particularly great leather on them I've noticed).

    They are different shades of chocolate brown and look STUNNING with GGH in the work and to me would be a nice alternative colour wise to your anthra day. Plus brown with GGH is a softer colour than the contrast of black and gold.
  6. I did it!!! will post pics later of my new bagolicious...:graucho:
  7. I agree - get a Work. It's a perfect size for what you need. Can I suggest a fun bright colour? Or instead of something in the colour family you already have, you should get a Work in a blue - 06 Blueberry is stunning!