Bitsty Bumble Bee

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  1. The bitsy bumble bee bag in black is on sale at Macy's (25%). I was thinking about getting if for my daughter. BUT she is only 2. She will be 3 in the middle of July. I was thinking for her b-day. I bought the white one before at the last D&B friends and family. But sold it because my co-worker told me that I was starting her too young.

    What do you guys think?:confused1:
  2. i think u should get it for her. it will look real cute
  3. It'll look very cute!
  4. I think it would be cute, but I guess it depends on if she will take care of it. My guess would be that she wouldn't. My daughter is going to be 3 in Sept. and while she loves mommy's girlie things and would be happy to have her own purse, she would probably color on it, or store her crayons in it and mark it all up. So I guess, IMO, I would not get her a bag that expensive. I would just get her a cutesy playful bag that will not make you cringe when she destroys it. could still buy it w/ the intention of giving it to her, but just hold onto it for a few years until she can appreciate it. Then she can be the coolest kid in jr high, cause her mom bought her a Dooney.

  5. Do we have the same daughter?? :roflmfao:. That is why I said black. I intially had white, but I thought about those very things which lead me to sell it. But I have been regretting it ever since.:crybaby:
  6. I'm 33 I think the Bees are realy cute......I want one for myself!!!Lucky Girls.:P
  7. Hey ladies
    All the bumble bee bags and accessories are on sale on They are not listed under specials so click on handbags or accessories and choose bumble bee. I don't know how much the bitsy bag was selling for on Macy's but dooney is selling it for $45.50.

  8. Thanks for the info i will check!
  9. anytime
  10. I wonder if they will honor the discount in the store? Because I am really not saving much by shipping.
  11. I don't think so. It doesn't hurt to call and ask though but I know that generally the stores and don't have the same sales. Call the store at South Coast Plaza to be sure.
  12. Thanks Luv
  13. That would be very cute.
  14. I'd get it for her! :yes: I know she'll only be 3, but maybe you could like keep it in your room in an unreachable place for her, but when you go out let her use it. That's not a bad price either, and would be really cute!!! :cutesy:
  15. I think you should get it!! It's so cute... my little sister has one & she uses it a lot!! It's her favorite bag!!