Biting my tongue about a fake ...

  1. I live in a small town and purse parties are very, very common. My mom was telling me earlier in the year that a bunch of her lady-friends from work went to a purse party. She politely declined the invite. One lady in particular is a huge PITA got this really bad "MC Speedy" which is smaller than a 25 and bigger than a Mini HL. Lord knows what they were knocking off. Anyway, whenever I stop in to see my mom (she works at a hospital) and I run into this lady she claims that we are purse pals because we both love LV. Then she gets all overly touchy-feely-huggy. O-M-G. I am biting my tongue. It really has started to grate on me recently, but you guys know how these ppl are ... they have no idea. Ignorance is bliss. So anyway, here I am taking the higher road.

    If I ever get the chance, I will take a pic of the abomination. She paid like $50 for it too. I could have constructed a better knockoff out of Swiss cheese spliced w/ chalk and a beard.

    Okay, I'm done venting.

  2. hahaha... wow... if only she knew, I bet you she would give some distance
  3. I would've told her, oh you shop at LV boutiques too.
  4. I really am the sort of person that cannot keep her mouth shut. I try to be civil and ladylike, but I now have decided there's a way to satisfy BOTH sides. SOCALGEM said it best. Politely comment that you hate fake bags and are soooooo glad that yours are real. Invite her to go shopping with you at a boutique and see what she says! Bet she'll get a little less kissy-huggy-feely-YUCKY!
  5. Another one of these threads..

    Maybe she does love LV, yet living in a small town which I presume has no LV boutique she has never seen the real thing (other than upon your arm), and not being so purse obsessed as the rest of us she doesn't research online. :shrugs:

    I'm sure if you dropped her some smart little line about fakes you'd soon get her off your back with the PITA over-excited hugs.. but were I you I'd stick to that higher road rather than stepping down into that low muddy ditch, however tempting. I live in a small town too, and have seen how that kind of mud sticks..
  6. Eeek... you should have a permanent marker in hand the next time she gets all touchy-feely. :sneaky:
  7. I completely understand! There is a girl at my work that has a fake denim neo speedy. I'm almost positive she knows it's fake, and is lying to me that her bag is real! It makes me SO mad!

    I spend a lot of money on my bags. Does she think I'm stupid and don't recognize a real from a fake:cursing: I don't want to call her out a be a complete ***** to her. But it pisses me off! I'm sure you all understand.

    It makes me so mad to the point that I want to buy that bag and bring it to work some day so she can see that I'm not stupid and I know her bag is FAKE. Not only that, I really want a denim neo speedy. Maybe I'm getting too mad.
  8. Maybe she enjoys digging you with it, Zilnro? For those that don't live and breathe purses, she and her mates might be getting a giggle out of seeing you get all hot under the collar about it! Other people simply don't care about them like we do. For them we're probably nuts for paying 20x as much for a bag that on the larger scale looks the same.

    Another reason not to go fake-calling. You could just be laughed at when they say "..and so??!". :p
  9. :roflmfao:
    "Oops. I am sOo:huh:o sorry!"
    Maybe you can screw up that one for her and if you can, get her something authentic.
  10. I am really upfront with friends who have fakes. Not offensively though. I sort of make comments in a joking manner and they laugh about it too. They know how I feel about fakes. Now theyre all asking me when Im selling some of my old LVs so they can finally get the real deal. LOL
  11. Eeek I would want to tell her.
  12. I love that you call it an abomination! Too funny!
  13. I think I would just keep biting my tongue as I would be too afraid to hurt that person's feelings.

    I wouldn't want to come off all "stuck up" or something, know what I mean?

    That is just my opinion though on what I would do personally.

    However, I totally understand how you would want to tell her SO bad.
  14. I wouldnt waste anytime worrying about it. Who cares really. Those who carry real bags know, those who dont, dont. Its like a secret society. When I see someone with a fake it makes me chuckle inside but I am NEVER compelled to say anything. Live and let live. I dont promote fakes, just the opposite however not everyone is educated and a great many people who do buy fakes, think they are real. :sad:
  15. haha, I wouldn't be one to call someone on a fake. But invite her to the boutique with you, lol