Bit the Bullet and Got my Goyard!

  1. Hi Everyone:
    Thanks for all your help with figuring out what bag to get in NYC! I got swept away in BG and bought a Goyard FIDGI in Green with my name on it in the corner --in blue and ivory--with a blue and ivory circle around it. I think it will serve me well-it's as big as the medium St. Louis tote, but with a zipper for added security- and I think they updated the handle a bit so it's not so skinny.
    I'm hoping the green will take me through all the seasons since it's the last bag I'm going to be buying for a long time (I think my DH will not be pleased when he sees the AMEX bill, but it's easier to apologize than ask permission- right?)
    Will post pics as soon as I get it- which will be five weeks! But I feel as if I'll get the pleasure of buying it all over again when it comes in the mail!
  2. Congrats!!
  3. Congrats! Please post a pic!
  4. Congrats, can't wait to see pics! : )
  5. WAY TO GO!! Looking forward to seeing the photos.:smile:
  6. I LOVE the Fidji bag! That's what I got too! Not in green (although that color is TDF!). Congrats!!
  7. Ooh, enjoy it!
  8. yey!! PICS PLEASE!
  9. Congrats! Post pics! :smile:
  10. :yahoo: Congrats!!!
  11. What color did you get? did you get anything on it? The very helpful woman at BG told me to put something in the corner- rather than on the center of the bag, because that part tends to get bent and the paint can chip...
  12. Brandho, congratulations on the Fidji. My sister has a maroon Fidji and absolutely loves this bag. She brought this bag to a recent trip to Cambodia and swears that it is THE best travel bag to bring. It proved its worth when it started raining while we were in Ang Kor Wat. Waterproof, light and roomy. You will surely enjoy this bag.