Bit the bullet! (and for a good deal too)

  1. I've been fairly good recently. I haven't bought a bag in almost two months now, and I haven't bought a Dior bag in over a year :wtf:.

    I didn't like this bag when it first made its debut. I think it was the dark brown version that gave me the impression of it looking like it had a belt slapped on the front and then been dragged through the mud. But then I recently got a pair of Gaucho pumps, and I found the buckle to be extremely becoming. And last week I saw a picture of Alessandra Ambrosio with it, et voila! something changed (of course, it could also have been partly because I secretly yearn to look like Alessandra Ambrosio).

    Then I went on to eLuxury, and I saw it on sale for an additional 20% off with free Express shipping :nuts:! After debating it for a few days, I finally decided to get it on Saturday, at a total 40% off:yahoo:. It just arrived today, and it's absolutely beautiful, especially the hardware and the trimming. It makes a great casual bag -- both chic and edgy.

    So here's my Christmas gift to myself:

    Dior Gaucho Medium Saddle Bag in Natural





  2. Visual aids! :supacool:


    Here's how the bag looks with the strap adjusted from the shortest length, to mid-length, to the longest length:

  3. the best xmas pressie you could imagine! :drool::heart::drool:

    lol its so freezing in Ireland just looking at your bare feet and short sleeves gave me the chills im so jealous right now.:push:

    Merry Xmas!
  4. Gorgeous bag and at a great price, good job! Congrats!
  5. Congrats love the bag and the your shoes :drool:
  6. looks great on u!
  7. The gaucho is :love: Definitely casual and edgy. You look great!
  8. :heart:congrats!
    love it
    the bag is perfect on you!
  9. Congratz!!! It looks great on you =) great purchase
  10. thanks all! :biggrin:
  11. Looks great on you! Congratulations!
  12. looks fabulous. i have it in red =D
  13. Great neutral color bag!
  14. looks good on you. congrats.
  15. Super cute! I can't wait to see your new collection thread. I'm salavating lol.