Bit of an unusual reveal, and my first Mulberry!

  1. Mulberry at its best imho - looks lovely!! (Not sure about how to disguise the darker patches, other than making all the rest darker to match - but definitely use Collonil Waterstop spray to avoid any more rainspots)
  2. It seems that the older styles are much more popular than the more recent ones. Congratulations on your bag and what a lovely way to remember your wedding / honeymoon. :biggrin:
  3. thats def 1 classy Mulberry bag! Been to Kenya too and I loved it!! Hope you saw the BIG Five! Congrats....
  4. Ooh she's so beautiful!! Congrats to you, enjoy her :smile:
  5. Omg, what a stunning bag, I love this. Looks amazing leather.
  6. Lovely bag! I'm a fan of the older styles (and leathers) too. Interested in the bag organiser aspect too as I had to deal with this when I got my longed-for Antony Large Messenger. I opted for two separate containers within the bag- one like a make-up bag for that sort of stuff and one more like a pencil case shape for other bits and pieces including pens (how many pre-loved bags do we see with ink stains inside?) Oh dear, I'm sounding terribly anal now!!!
  7. God I took her out for the first time today to give her some fresh air. I couldn't believe how worried I got when the train carriage got busy! And I've started to notice mulberry's all over the place. A black bays on my train to work and a croc patterned brown bays on my train home!
    I haven't got the organiser yet but I'm pretty sure what I'll go for. Today I did what you do and just used some of my ted baker makeup bags. I prefer pockets though, so I'll be getting the organiser soon!
  8. What a classic bag ..and such lovely condition you lucky so n so it:flowers::flowers:
  9. LOL once you have a bag that you love you will see them ALL OVER THE PLACE :graucho::graucho::graucho::graucho:
  10. I think it's called the "Mulberry Radar" (hehe!)'s obsession means that one's vision is automatically set to seeking them out!!!..:graucho:.
  11. So true!
    And once I've glimpsed one I like the look of I'm trying to get a better look to check out the leather type, grain etc. I could turn into a Mulberry stalker!:p
  12. I've had those curious looks from people too (hehe!!)....:graucho:
  13. Really gorgeous rampling hun, utterly utterly beautiful. Enjoy in health and happiness, xx
  14. do you know from which year is the bag? just negotiating one like that and woman is trying to convince me it is a year and a half old bag
  15. Beautiful bag :smile: you wear it well