Bit of an odd shopping question

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  1. I have only one shopping trip experience with Hermes. Other times I was just waiting for my friend who’s a regular. My one experience alone in Oslo was terrible (post-purchase, somehow, he made me feel super unwelcome), so I haven’t even gone into a store since even with the aforementioned friend.

    Now I want an SLG (or maybe clutch) because I am just in love with some of the Hermes blue shades, especially the Bleu Paon.

    I’m going to Houston this week and my plan is to walk in and ask if they have any pouches or something of the sort in bleu paon - am I going to sound insane? That one Oslo trip where I had a bad experience has made me so wary - it’s not that I’m scared of the people there - I just don’t want to get that condescending treatment again, not worth it, you know? Because it’s not direct enough to call out, just enough to ruin your day.

    Anyway long story short am I going to sound insane to the SA if I walk in and say “I want something in bleu paon please”?
  2. You won’t sound insane at all. It’s normal to go in and ask to see certain products. “I’d love to grab something in the color Bleu Paon or a similar shade!” They will appreciate the brand knowledge of the colors. That being said, Blue Paon isn’t exactly a current color. There may be pieces floating around out there but brace yourself for an honest answer of “we don’t currently have any”. Be natural and kind and they’ll treat you likewise. Good luck!
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  3. Thank you!

    I have some backup shades, I think around four, don’t have my notebook open right now. Hopefully one of them will work.

    Thanks so much, your reply has made me feel better already!
  4. Nothing ventured, nothing gained so walk on in and talk to an SA in Houston. I had an extremely negative experience with the H Boutique in Salzburg recently. The SA pounced on me the moment I crossed the threshold and told me my children needed to stay outside! I didn't even get a "Hello" first. Her horrid behaviour was a first for me in an H establishment and I was taken aback, then angry, then reassured by all my past, positive experiences in other H Boutiques around the world. That SA in Salzburg and the SA your encountered in Oslo are anomalies. The vast majority of SA's are very nice and helpful so don't let one jackass taint your future experiences. Bleu Paon is a fun color...fingers crossed for you!
  5. I felt the same way before starting to go to the boutique here in CA but I met a SA who is wonderful!!! She would show me the different products and the history behind the brand ..... you will never know until you try and find someone who is welcoming and warm. Good luck
  6. Thank you! I hope they’re anomalies too. And thanks for the well wishes, hope I find something! :smile:

    Thank you, I hope I find as great an SA!! :heart:
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  7. I'm sure you will find a SA who will do their best to help you make your purchase & your experience
    all that you expect it to be..
  8. Thank you, I hope so! :smile: