bit by the snake. lol. the python chelsea!!

  1. I have fallen absolutely in love with the chelsea printed python satchel (in mineral), but no one else is speaking of her beauty!

    What do y'all think of this bag? I've been staring at it all night, trying to somehow give myself permission to buy it before the discount expires again.

    I need some encouragement!

    "It's a lifetime bag"

    "If you spread it out over 10 years it's really not that bad."

    Anything along those lines works.

    Or, really, if it's just hideous and I'm totally blinded by love.. please let me know!

    (recently corrupted by your very own ktdid!)
  2. You're not blinded by love. It's gorgeous, it really is. It's just WAY out of my price range, so i fantasize about the mineral leather satchel instead lol.

    If it's something you can see yourself forever, then it's a bag you should think about investing in.
  3. It's a serious consideration! First because its bluey, nice size, great texture and accents. CHECK IT OUT! I've wondered why Coach hasn't embossed leather but now they have! :tup:
    11007_B4M6-1_d2.jpg 40643_B4M6_d2.jpg
  4. I am going to offer a bit of caution. I was looking at this in my boutique tonight, was seriously considering buying it. Then I noticed the brown python satchel and looked closely at it. It was showing more wear than the hobo, in places the textured skin was peeling up and a few of the flaps from the peeling had came off. (they are "faux" python) My concern is that a very expensive bag will not withstand time very well. This is just my opinion and I am not trying to discourage you :smile:

    I ended up buying the mineral hobo and matching turnlock wristlet.
  5. We have the same issues. I was told if it looks thrashed in 6 months I could return it...yeah right I want it in writing. We are going to wait and see. I expect the wallet will se more use than the bag. I am not worried about them lifting. I am more worried about them tearing off.
  6. Huh? The snake is loosing its skin!?! Do they expect it to look thrashed in 6 mos? Is this the first "python" printed faux bag Coach has made? I haven't seen one IRL, just thought it was embossed without scales! You'll have to update us!
  7. Well they distressed the leather to get the scale effect. You can take your hand (I wouldnt) and run it against the grain to see what we are talking about. This really shouldnt be an issue with the bag. Unless your clumsy and rub it against everything.

    Its the wallet that I am worried about. You can see along the top where the wallet folds.

    Best thing to do is go into a store and take a look. We are going to our main store to talk to a manager we always deal with. If we don't feel like taking the risk we will exchange it for the Abbey Leather Flap Hobo or two lesser items.
  8. ^^^ *LOL*
    That's what I was thinking in the store.... "the snake was shedding it's skin"
  9. I saw the python chelsea this morning. I really liked it!
  10. If I were going to get Chelsea anything it would be the mineral hobo or satchel. I would not get the python as that is alot of money for something that may not wear well.
  11. The chelsea mineral satchel is gorgeous. You have very good taste. The color is divine!
  12. I think they are both beautiful bags. What I would like to know those who got the satchel if it fits nicely on the shoulder as compared to the hobo. I would also like to see that in writing also before I would make such a big purchase.
  13. It's beautiful, but I need my bags to be able to hang with my knee-high posse, you know? After some hard learned lessons, I've decided to only buy bags I don't have to baby...I just don' have the bandwidth.

    It is a beautiful bag but I'd worry about how well it would hold up...
  14. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I saw this post and thought- cool, Tami wants this bag, too! Then I saw it was you!!
    I'm still wanting you to get it!!