bit by the SHOE BUG!!!

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  1. I'm only 19, but for most of my life I have never cared for shoes. I was content with two pairs of shoes, black pumps and silver heels (my prom shoe, I had to buy it). I never got what the big deal was with shoes, they just go on your feet. Then one day three months ago, I was bit by the infamous shoe bug! I started seeing shoes as a necessary part to a complete outfit, and I now find shoes gorgeous. I can't stop buying them either! I've bought 8 pairs in the last three months, and there are still so many that I have to have! My feet have also been benefitting from my new shoe obsession since I'm taking better care of them so that they look pretty in their shoes. Anyone else have a similar shoe bug experience? or have you always had a love for shoes? :nuts:
  2. I think I always had it.I always craved for my mom's shoes.Amd she bought quite some shoes...!But then again I've bought 30 pairs since September...SO it's kinda bug...
  3. I'm 18, and the same happened to me a few months ago. It used to just be bags and I never got the fascination with shoes, but suddenly I got a craving for really special, expensive shoes! I haven't even bought any yet but once the holidays begin I am definitely treating myself :nuts:
  4. It happened when I was about to turn 21. I realized I needed to spruce up my bar/club outfits....and started to splurge. I'm 28 now and have almost 100 pairs...mostly 3" heels! :graucho:
  5. I never remember only have two pairs of shoes , my mom always had my sister and I in different shoes depending on our outfit so I have had the shoe bug for 25 years and I have no need to find a cure !
  6. i spend my money on either shoes or purses, they always make my day, so don't feel bad.
  7. Mine started 16 months ago when I bought my first pair of Jimmy Choo's.
  8. I have an obsession with bizarre boots. It goes back to my gothic days when I bought a pair of 3-in platform boots. Those were really kind of ugly, but I continue to buy black boots of every unique kind [as my monies allow me]
  9. I started buying lots of shoes when I got my first job after university few years ago. And thanks to tPF I now have a new rise in my obsession :yes:
  10. wow it's interesting to see how various shoe habits develop!

    Just wanted to point out, when I said I only had two pairs of shoes I meant like nice heels/flats, not sneakers/flip flops. I realize I made it seem like I lived with just two pairs of shoes for most of my life :nuts: