Bit by the Kooba bug!!!

  1. Well, if you read my 'Paige, should I or...' thread, you have already heard about my weird Kooba experience with Active Endeavors. I decided to keep the Paige Ebano, but called AE anyways to let them know about the bizarre shipping incident. They felt really bad about the whole situation/inconvenience, so they are overnighting me a free dustcover (for some reason they forgot to include one in the original order) and a coupon for 25% off anything (including sale prices!)...I looked at the sale bags to see if there was anything appealing (nothing caught my eye unfortunaltey..), so I ended up ordering a red Elisha tote for 25% off..I am soo excited..have heard many good things about the red Elisha! I love KOOBA! :yahoo:
  2. I have been bitten also, I started about 3 weeks ago and now I have 4(not including an extra I might unload). It's crazy! I keep calling all over to find steals.
  3. My red Elisha will be here tomorrow...!!! Will be a fun bag to take out and about this weekend... :smile:
  4. Red Elisha is fabulous. Good choice. Active Endeavors has a gorgeous Botkier camel bag - Lexie bought it - on sale and using APOLOGIES checkout code, got 20% off. It's like a $700 bag for $401. What's it called, Lexie? Tall something ...
  5. Tall Hobo?
  6. It's the Botkier Tall Carlton Hobo. Retail is $768, on sale for $500 something but with that discount check out code, turns out to be $401. Here are pictures. Our Lexie definitely has good taste - but we all knew that. She's been educating me on these other bag brands. I just had to get one of these for myself.
    AED17988a[1].jpg AED17988b[1].jpg AED17988d[1].jpg AED17988e[1].jpg
  7. Beautiful!
  8. I just got my suede taupe Elisha and LOVE it. Move in to it last night and got so many compliments today.
  9. I got the Tall Carlton Hobo. I tell ya, sometimes Botkier just kicks @ss and makes a Fabulous bag. I got my Cherry Bianca yesterday and this today. It was just plain lovely and it even got a "Ohhhh...Neat" from Hubby. And surprisingly it is not heavy at all.

    Did you get one Larke? It's a lovely bag. Now I am looking at The Cairo. Love the look of that bag.

  10. Yes, I agree Lexie, BOTKIER is awesome..the leather is so soft and it!
    Next on my list; either Kooba Sienna (if I can find one out there) or Botkier medium Bianca in cherry or chocolate!
  11. Hey Bacardigirl, I'm on the look-out for a medium or small Bianca in chocolate too. If you find a good deal, pm me. I'll do the same for you.

    You'll find a Sienna. They pop up on e-bay, but you've got to be quick when they do.
  12. Youngster, AE has medium Botkier Bianca in chocolate for $595..use APOLOGIES for 25% off! Not a bad buy!
  13. It's gorgeous, Lexie. Yes, after seeing pictures, had to order one too - loved the style and looks of leather. Mine hasn't arrived yet. I'll bet that cherry Bianca is gorgeous too - love that bag as well. You'll have to post pics. My olive one should be here soon. The leather just looks so soft, cushy. Youngster, I know the chocolate one will be a beauty.
  14. I cannot for the life of me get an accurate pic of the color of the Cherry Bianca. It's not Cherry really, not red red, but more of a wine red. I am very happy with the color.



    Are we going to get our hands smacked for posting Botkiers in the Kooba forum?
  15. There's nothing better than an unexpected discount on a Kooba! Congrats BG!