Bisque color?

  1. Does anyone own anything in the Bisque color from Resort 06?

    I'd love to see some photos.

    I really love this bag... What do you ladies think?
    102465384_o[1].jpg 102466558_o[1].jpg
  2. i wouldn't bother, since you have an INes in peanut....bisque is a creamy light brown color which is close to what you have...just lighter.
  3. yes.please there's a grey mayfair on eBay for 599 and free shipping...just so you know!
  4. Can't say that I've seen it but that is a gorgeous bag, with a beautiful color.
  5. thanks aggie- but i think i'm going to return the ines after all... i didn't get such a great deal on mine and i'm looking for a less expensive alternative, espeically since i'd like this color as an everyday bag and the ines just isn't that for me.

    also, thanks for the heads up on the mayfair- wen actually emailed me it yesterday!! i have a bunch of questions into the seller but haven't heard anything back- her fb isn't so hot, so i want to definitely get an answer before i buy.:tup:
  6. yes.please where did you buy the ines?? Nordies?? and can you put her on hold for me?? maybe i can get it?!?!?
  7. i pmed you.
  8. What don't you like about the ines? I have not used mine yet and was just wondering why she does not appeal to you?
  9. i looooove her actually. it's a beautiful bag. the color is gorgeous, the patchwork is to die for.

    but i never wanted the bag before i bought it, it was an impulse buy. but i love the color so much i'd like to use it as an everyday bag and for the expensive price tag i'd rather not use the ines and I can't justify keeping her unless i use it all the time.

    so i figured i'd look for a bag that i liked in a similar color, that could be used more as an everyday bag, for a cheaper price point. the drawstring hobo was on eBay for $215 and is more casual. more of what i'm looking for.

    the ines is beautiful- i just don't have the funds to keep her :crybaby:
  10. i'm so sad you're returning the ines! it's such a pretty bag, but if you're not going to be using a lot then it's probably for the better. i saw that drawstring hobo irl at a sf Nordstrom rack. it was very cute, but it was in a whiskey brown and not the bisque you have pictured. i think it's nice versatile color and it sounds like it's going for a great price. get it!
  11. i saw a whiskey color too- but i really like the nude color. its such a good color and this style of bag will be great for spring/ summer.

    i bought it!
  12. I've never seen it in real life, but it's really pretty. The color is so versatile!
  13. Both bags are very pretty and I understand the dilemma to return the Ines was a hard one, but the new hobo is so PRETTY. I hope that you love it once it comes. Please post modeling pics.
  14. Congrats on your new hobo!!! Please post pictures :smile:
  15. thanks and i will- it should be here tomorrow hopefully. she overnighted it to me. well, i have to be honest, helping ease the pain of returning the ines is the fact that not only do i have this cute hobo on it's way- i also have a hg bag on it's way!!