Bishes IV

  1. Hi dolls!
  2. :yahoo:

    ...and the madness continues...
  3. OMG. Cobalt, you know how to give a bish a heart attack. I saw the thread was closed, and didn't see a continued on...... link. So I thought Bishtopia was just.....just gone. :crybaby::rain::sad::cry::crybaby:

    Now I'll go back and see if there was a continued on link in the old one. But Doll, you know how to give a bish a heart attack!
  4. I was having heart failure when I saw discussion closed on the last thread!
  5. Hey bishes! I came home from work...ate...laid down for what was supposed to be an hour and woke up 2.5 hours later! Didn't get anything productive done!
  6. Awesome Summer, you're doing great. Now, about the first part of your post. The I came home from (the W word). That's what we have to change. Right ladies?

    And Chow, we had the same knee jerk reaction. I cried out to SugarB -
    "They shut us down. They closed the Bish thread. No word, not a thing. It's just....gone" and he said, well, is there someone you can talk to. Thinking maybe if we promised to be really really good they'd let us have it back.

    Then I looked around and found it. It's too early for April Fools. uh ot, hope I didn't give Vlad an idea for this years Prank.

    Hmm, we better put out the Bish Beacon, Damn it. we never replaced the bulb. Ok, we'll use Krabby's lite. Maybe the bishes will see and follow. It's worth a chance. Any Bishes want to tweet tpfbishes? I'm busy getting out the beacon.

  7. OMG - Twiggy, we have to alert her. We need a big Bish Opening. Maybe we need a Centaur beacon!

  8. [​IMG]

    Glad you found us. Here is an 'almost Spring Bish Tag' Hope you like it. You know the rules, please save to your own drive. And you don't have to use it, but if you do, that's awesome.
  9. Hi, Dolls.

    Yay! New thread!

    Normally I, you know, the w-thingie from 9 to 3.

    This week (well, until Thursday) it's from 10 to 4.

    I've got online training. It's supposed to be scheduled until 5, but if today is any indication, we're done by 4 (or almost 4).

    This means I get to wake up at 8 every morning instead of 7.

    I was so worried it was going to be 5 hours of straight talking (I've taken the shorter hour courses and that's all that is. I'm telling you, cure for insomnia, right there).

    But the instructor is a personable guy and after he shows us how to do something he gives us an exercise to do (which is great because I found the best way I learn is to show me how to do something and then let me do it myself so I have the practice).
  10. Yay. Cait has checked in. I think it's time we compile the missing in action, or lost in transition list.

    There may be casualties you know, shock from seeing that red scull and crossbones saying Discussion Closed at the bottom of our home might have been to much for a few bises. Hmm, maybe we should temporarily switch avatars so Bishes will see we're looking for them. I'm very worried about Tweegy. She has always opened the Bish Threads in a majestic manner.. it's not official till she does.

    By my count, we're missing a lot of Bishes? We have Kansas, Caitling, Chow, Koko, Summer, and SocialiteBabe. So, our Ka-sound and Sses are here. Where are the rest? I'll go see if they added the "Continued here" link in the old thread.
  11. Omg!!! I'm now seeing this!!!!

    **secures box with stolen puppy* I am in this bish!!!!!
  12. Hey Dollies! Happy hump day! Haha I thought we were in trouble when I saw the old thread closed.
  13. Yay! Tweegy's here. Yes Chantal, I think we all did. I thought "Uh oh. what did we do now." I was in a panic, then I saw it. Out new little thread. Way to shake us up CB. You've been with the bees a little too much this week.

    I made a crude avatar, and changed my details so hopefully bishes will see it and find there way. I bet a lot of them went underground, they're probably baracaded in their puters, peeking out behind the Windows looking to see if it's safe.

    Tweegy's on her ipoo from work (I think) so I'm sure she'll open the thread properly later on when she can. And that will give us time to round up the rest of the bishes.

    Anyone want to join in the search, here's the avatar, i'm retiring it as soon as all the bishes check in.

  14. Yay! *starts dancing all up in our new thread*