Biscuit Reveal :)

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  1. I just got the Mini Affair in Biscuit a few days ago :smile: It has gold hardware and reminded me so much of my holy grail of Chanel flaps, the beige with gold hardware.

    I think the Mini Affair is adorable, but being I am lucky to have a few real Chanel flaps, the leather running through the chain on the Mini Affair is bugging me a bit. I understand that it's not made as well as a Chanel and not even remotely in the same price range, but could Rebecca have at least made sure that the leather running through the chain be two sided and not just one sided? It looks a bit cheap this way :sad: I saw on here though that some girl posted a photo of her Mini Affairs with the leather removed and it looked rather nice. I just don't know if I have the guts to do that...yet haha! Has anyone else done this to their Affair? What do you think?

    However, the bag seems very cute and the color is really lovely. It's a perfect shade of beige with yellow undertones and could definitely hold me over until I can afford the beige Chanel with all of these price increases, eek, lol!!

    ~ Pix ~




  2. I think this is just lovely!
  3. It's very pretty! Lovely color!
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    Perfect color! So pretty!

    I think you could remove the leather if you are sure you really don't want it ;)
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    I love the color! It's a beautiful neutral. I'm not a fan of the two-sided chain leather on most of the Mini Affairs since the contrast is very obvious with some of the colors, but it actually looks okay on yours since there isn't much of a contrast between both sides. If it bothers you then I'd go ahead and remove it. I think it would look nice that way too.
  6. Love the neutral color!! Congrats!!
  7. Love the color. I've been looking at the full size MAC in this color.
  8. Looking at this bag makes me crave for cookies. It looks so delicious! I also like how they named the color "biscuit". Very suiting. Congrats on your gorgeous bag!
  9. its nude color tone looks like my skin :biggrin:
  10. Very cute bag! Congrats!
  11. Where is the gravy?
  12. I just bought the same bag same color. LOVE it! The leather is very durable.:smile:
  13. The hardware on the biscuit mini moto appears to have a rose gold tint? Is it regular gold or rose gold? Anyone have any thoughts?


  14. I just got it in the mini mac and it was rose gold. I returned it because I didn't like it with that color hardware.
  15. Thank you! I like the mini moto in biscuit and with accents of the rose gold (not like the chain on the mini mac)... I think I might dig it.

    Thank you for your help!