(Australia)-50% Off Everything Online & In-Store

  1. Your inbox must be full all the time-I take my hat off to you M-you always post such great boutiques-most I've never even heard of! Thanks! J:angel:
  2. Hi Sweetie....How the heck are ya?? Ready for Thanksgiving? As for my inbox being full..YES!!! I average about 75-100 daily!! :search:I have to search through them to see what's worthy of posting and what's garbage....umm..a lot of garbage!! On the other hand, I'vd received some awesome ones, so it's worth the effort. Hope everything is well for you and your family. My MIL and stepsons are in this week so we're staying at our other home this week. I get up early in the morning after my DH goes to work and scurry over to our primary residence to check tpf and my inbox!! HEHE! Priorities!! We have no cable there and I can't stand not being able to play on the computer or watch FOX news.
  3. Ditto! I always look forward to your sale postings and appreciate the fact that you allow your inbox to get cluttered for our benefit, even with email from Australia. :smile: