Biscayne Bay

  1. I am interested in buying a biscayne bay for my next bag. Not sure if I want the pm or gm. Also what colors does this bag come in. If anyone has pics of theirs I would love to see them. Many thanks
  2. There has been a really pretty perle think it's the pm on elux...
  3. hi veronika do you have a link thanks
  4. I like the pm in hazelnut.
  5. is that the noisette? i like that too:yes:
  6. Does anyone have this bag?:shrugs:
  7. I have a red one in PM. I think someone else here has a GM. Personally ify ou are not a big purse girl, then go with PM, I was a small purse girl until recently. Now, I think a GM would be better, though I have my small purse days.
  8. ^^ Rebecca aka lvbabydoll has the red one in either gm or pm and another one in a colour I don't remember, which is the size that the red one is not, lol.

    I'm thinking of a marshmallow one...can't wait to work in the summer and buy one off eBay!
  9. Hi do you mind showing me what fits in the pm? also do you know what colors they come in? many thanks
  10. ^^ I'm sure you're direction your question to someone else, but the Biscayne bay came/comes in peppermint, marshmallow, noisette, perle, red...I may have missed some colours and I'm not sure if it was noisette or beige since I have a difficult time telling those two apart.
  11. Thanks Karmen I think I like the noisette, i think it will be nice for everyday. how will it hold up over time?
  12. I have mine in GM whichi i think is a perfect size for me because I like to carry the bag on my shoulder
    I cannot fit the PM comfortablly on my shoulder.
    If you are on the petite side you might like the PM better though.
  13. it came in indigo too ... :drool:

    I definitely want to get one of these this year!
  14. wish they made it in pomme
  15. Another fellow PF'er, LVBabyDoll, has a red Biscayne Bay GM, if I'm not mistaken.