Birthing stories, anyone?

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  1. It's been a while since I posted here...DS#2 is already 5 months old! How time flies! And DS#1 is 3 and a half! Oh my...

    First of all, I wanna give kudos to all the mommies out there...this really isn't an easy job. :tup: Hope your DHs are treating you super well and your little darlings/big darlings too. ;)

    I posted before DS#2 was born about whether I should have DS#1 in the delivery room with me and DH. It's because with my first birthing experience, it was such a breeze. I had an epidural and was super chill. Now, with this birth, oh my....all I can say is, I'm glad DS wasn't in the room. Lol.

    Long story short. I got sent home after being assessed at the hospital. I was only a cm dilated, though my contractions were coming regularly. Strangely enough, while I was waiting to be assessed, my contractions weren't even intense anymore. As soon as we left, my contractions got stronger. And they kept getting stronger and stronger and more and more unbearable. So we returned to the hospital after 2.5hrs. I was in sooooo much pain but I was only 4cm dilated. I was like, that's it?! Ok, I need an epidural now! Seriously, everybody at the hospital was so calm while I couldn't wait for things to speed up. I really never thought I would scream and cry in pain, but I did! Mommies, I'm sure a lot of you remember that pain :shocked: Then I had an overwhelming urge to push and I even told the nurse that something wants to come out. Her exact words were, "Hun, you shouldn't be pushing right now. You're only 4cm dilated and it usually takes a few hours to be fully dilated..." While she was still speaking, she went down to take a look at me and..........WHOOSH! My water broke and splashed her! DH could not believe what he just saw and I could not believe what just happened. Lol. Ok, I'm laughing now, but I wasn't then :shame: She should've believed me! Lol. She immediately wiped herself down and then came to look at me down there again. Her exact words, "I'm gonna get some extra help, you're ready to push. You're fully dilated." Say what?! This all happened in less than 10mins. There was no time for the epidural as baby was ready to come out. To be honest I was really scared and in a whole lot of pain. Fortunately, after 20mins of pushing, DS came out. :woohoo: Yay! I was so relieved it didn't take hours to push. Phew.

    So, my first time, I felt nothing. My second, I felt EVERYTHING.

    After my first, I told all my friends to go have babies because it was so easy with an epidural. And after my second, I told all my friends to make sure they get an epidural if possible! Lol.

    Would love to hear some birthing stories.
  2. I guess no body gave birth here
  3. Background: I have a factor XI deficiency meaning my blood does not clot properly, Because of this deficiency I can never have an epidural or spinal meaning I would have to give birth with only minimal pain medication by IV or if I needed a c-section it would be done under General Anesthesia. Also my risk of bleeding complications increased past 40w so I would be induced once I hit 40w. I was due October 2nd. I also would need Fresh Frozen Plasma transfusions before and after I gave birth.

    On Thursday Oct. 3rd I checked into the hospital to start my induction. The hospital was swamped so from 8pm until around 11pm I was just in the waiting room. Finally they found a room for me, though it was not a labor room. The size of the room was like a closet. They did my vitals, drew some blood and put in an IV line ( though I was not hooked up to anything at that point.) Around 1am they told me they were going to transfer me to a room which eventually happened around 2am. Once in a labor room they again got my vitals and went over a game plan. At this point I was 0 cm dilated and 50% effaced. Finally at 3am they started the Cervidil which stayed in me until 3pm on Friday the 4th. Friday I just twiddled my thumbs most of the day. At 3pm they removed the Cervidil checked me again and let me shower and eat. Since there was no progress the doctor tried to stretch my cervix a bit, though she got it to barely 1 cm. 5pm I strarted another round of Cervidil and twiddled my thumbs again for the night. Early Saturday morning (5th) they removed the Cervidil did another check and then inserted a foley bulb as well as started the Pitocin. At some point during the night I started to contract but nothing that I felt but a few hours later I was in pain. I did not want any pain meds at first because I was so scared that if I took some Morphine it would affect Jack too much and would be rushed into a c-section so I pushed through the pain. It did not help that DH, my mom, and SIL would all comment on how how the machine would peak with each contraction. After the doctor did her rounds she told me the plan would be to keep the bulb in about 5 hours and do a check. If I progressed enough she would break my water if not we needed to talk serious about a c-section. Throughout the late morning and early afternoon I struggled through the contractions but also had a some Fentanol? on a pump to use when needed. Attached to the foly bulb was a bag of IV saline tied to some rubber band so that gravity could help pull on the bulb to dilate me. I also stayed out of bed and tried to move around as much as I could. Everyone was amazed that I was up and about letting the bag pull down. DH, mom, and SIL also all took turns tugging on the saline bag trying to get things to move along. Around 2pm they moved me to yet another room because the wing I was in emptied completely. I walked to the new wing hoping yet again to progress enough for the bulb to fall out. They kept the bulb in me longer than 5 hours, in fact I had it for about 7.5 hours before the doctor pulled it out. When she did I was barely 4cm but she tried to break my water. She was unable to because Jack was still super high and she could not reach the bag. At 3pm there were no more tricks to pull from the magicians hat so a c-section was all that was left. About 2 minutes later, the doctor returned to say the OR would be ready in 30 minutes so off to prep for surgery. I got back to the OR and Jack was born at 4:02 pm. I was in recovery around 4:30 and they did skin to skin which I vaguely remember. Jack went to the nursery along with DH for who knows how long then DH came back to recovery with me. At around 9pm I got to my post partum room and Jack was brought down to me. I did skin to skin again and remember a bit more but was still quite drugged. I slept that night but bright and early Sunday I was anxious to be with my baby and willed the pain away enough to be able to stay off the pain pump as much as I could so that I enjoy Jack. By Sunday night I was just taking pain meds my mouth and got unhooked from the IV late Sunday night.

    The doctor told DH that Jack was so high up that there was virtually no chance I could have delivered vaginally at that time. Perhaps had I not been induced he may have come down enough but at the same time every day past 40w I was pregnant increased my chances of bleeding out.
  4. :lol:

    I think it's a very personal thing to post. Some people may not be happy to share their stories in great detail.

    Personally I wouldn't want to worry any ladies who are currently due with their first babies. Everyone handles labour and pain differently.
  5. OK ill share i have 4 kids but ill tell you the most interesting one

    I was expecting a girl then all of a sudden i went into labor to l&d they start me on picton and break my waters everything going really smooth i push for 2 hours and there's my baby girl the Dr starts pushing on my stomache to get the placenta out and oops out comes another one! Had no idea i was having twins.
  6. My dd is 3 months old and I still remember the delivery in every detail. I won't go into the whole story but I will say that it wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. I didn't have any meds, couldn't get an epidural (I have MS) and I went through it no problem. I intended to have pain meds, but once I got into it I felt like I was fine. I was having contractions every 5 minutes and didn't really notice it, my dh had to force me to the hospital because he thought I was in labor. He was right! I was in labor for a total of 6 hours and barely felt a thing. So, to all the soon to be mommies, don't worry, you'll be fine. Adrenaline kicks in and you don't feel the time passing by and the pain is very short lived.
  7. I had my reply written out and decided that discussing the extreme pain can unnecessarily frighten some pregnant women and on the other hand, second pregnancy involved virtually no pain (breech birth without a C-section which is required protocol these days, and no drugs) and that is out of the norm. So I didn't want to go into details. Every experience is different and it just didn't seem like my out-of-the-norm births were relevant to anyone.

    I will add one caution--be sure you're aware of your blood type, Rh + or -. It's important if your baby is positive and you are negative. You'll need a Rhogam shot to prevent problems in future births. I'm negative and both sons are positive.
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    I'll share mine....

    My entire pregnancy was picture perfect. I never had any complaints and loved every minute of it. At 37 weeks I went in for my routine check-up and my blood pressure was high for the first time in my pregnancy. They were alarmed but sent me home because I was fine other than that. Went for my 38 week check-up....still elevated. I was told to go to the hospital and have them monitor the baby and take a preeclampsia test. I called DH and he rushed home from work and off to the hospital we went. My test came back negative but they were still worried about my blood pressure so they decided to start me on cervidil. As soon as it started working the nurses noticed that with every contraction I was having, the baby's heart rate was dropping. The doctor on call was very persistent with me having this baby ASAP and put more cervidil in me. Heart rate still kept dropping and although the nurses were alarmed by it, the doctor could care less. 16 hours of natural labor a new doctor comes in. I met with this doctor before during pregnancy and really liked her so I finally felt comfortable. She started me on pitocin to see what would happen and baby's heart rate went even lower. My monitor alarm went off and the nurse and doctor came running in the room and basically ripped the drip out of my arm. My doctor had that concerned look and I told her to do whatever it takes to get my baby out safely. A c-section was ordered that very second. About a half hour later I was walking into the OR. Soon after that, I heard my baby cry and saw him for the first time. Turns out his cord was wrapped around his leg and neck and with every contraction I had it got tighter. My baby was finally safe!

    I'm so thankful my doctor and nurses decided on the c-section. If I had natural birth like the on call doctor wanted, I don't know what the outcome would've been. I really think my blood pressure being elevated was my body saying something was wrong with the baby. I know it's different for everyone, but recovery was a breeze. Within 10 days I felt like myself again and forgot I even had a major surgery.

    Even though I had an emergency section and didn't have the natural birth I wanted, it's all good. My baby boy is healthy and so am I :smile:
  9. I have never been a big fan of birth that is why I kind of avoided it :smile: Though I respect that others enjoy sharing and reading them.

  10. OMG!! Did the ultrasound not tell you?? That must have been a HUGE surprise!!!
  11. Yeah the tech was in a rush she kept saying how late she was for something and did a really sloppy job so I had no idea and I only felt one baby moving .........weird

  12. oh wow!!! Great story!! the first thing I asked to check on my first ultrasound was that there was indeed just one baby. :smile:
  13. My first pregnancy went relatively smooth, with just a light spotting during the first trimester, no nausea, no craving, baby developing well, planned a natural birth. Coming to wk 37, started to have regular contraction, went to the hospital twice, contraction subsided on off, went on for 10 days, monitored the baby and baby doing well the whole time. By day 9 I was not doing so well, BP starting to rise and just getting tired, kinda hard to get proper sleep when contraction is going up and down the whole time so doctor decided to just go for c section in 2 days time ( being a first time, I gamely asked the nurse was I really having them or just being chicken, yhea really having them). That morning at 2 am, water broke and off we go the the hospital ( trip no 3), still wouldn't dilate pass 3 cm ( been dilated 2 cm for 10 days), so was induced, got epidural, 10 hrs later, time to push, I pushed and pushed, baby would't come down the birth canal. Doctor checked, baby was not positioned correctly and cord was ard the baby neck, so decided to go for c section. At the time I was like, just do it!!!! And so out came the chubbiest baby girl weighing 3,75 kg :smile:
    Second time, didn't catch on I was pregnant, by the time we knew, I started bleeding, not spotting but red blood, 3 trips to the doctor in 3 days each time thinking the baby was gone, but he was hanging on, so I was put on bed rest for 2 wks straight. Still wanted a natural birth. This one went relatively smooth. Wk 38.5, notice I was spotting, so went to the hospital in the morning, indeed was starting to dilate and contracting. Seeing how it took 10 days the last time, we decided to checked out of the hospital, celebrated my mom's dinner, make sure my daughter was sleeping, and when it was coming every 2 mins, we drove back to the hospital at ard 3am. Baby boy was finally delivered naturally at 230pm.
  14. Two births, both without medication, both fast (second much faster!), both vaginal. First was on land, second in water (totally recommend it), both with midwives.
  15. 9 children 8 pregnancies . One set of twins. They 16 now. Each time very special and exclusive. Love my family !
    I have 2 boys and 7 girls. 😀